Why I can’t call myself a gamer anymore

Dennis Scimeca: Journalist Simon Parkin recently published a brilliant editorial for New Statesman titled “If You Love Games, You Should Refuse to Be Called a Gamer.” Parkin feels that the idea of the “gaming community,” and its endemic misogyny, transphobia and rape culture, all need to die, and by extension, anyone who has adopted an identity as a “gamer” needs to give it up.

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Majin-vegeta2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

TL;DR He can't call himself a gamer cuz of some crap that has happened in the industry.

Sorry OP


PeaSFor2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

so... he cant call himself a "gamer" anymore BUT post his silly vlog on a website called n4g(aka NEWS 4 GAMERS)?

then his vlog should be reported for being LAME, WRONG STORY TYPE and SPAM.

Story Quality=WTF
Like Website=NO

SonyNGP2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Jeez man. What's with the hostility?

nukeitall2415d ago

Why are people so hostile?

This article talks exactly about why comments like this is the reason why he doesn't want to associate himself with other people calling themselves gamers.

I agree on many points. Why does the gaming community has to be so offensive?

Autodidactdystopia2415d ago

Im starting to realize that being a "Gamer" is just about as bad as being a sports fan.

Designed for idotertainment.

Disagree with anyone for anything and you get attacked.

johndoe112112415d ago

I don't want to be called smart anymore because of some of the really terrible things a lot of smart people in the world do.

I don't want to be called a human being anymore because of the terrible and horrendous things a lot of human beings do.

Tomorrow I'm also going to change my name because I'm sure there are tons of people out there in prison and on the street committing serious and horrific crimes that also have the same name as me.

And I'll definitely never become a journalist because of some of the idiotic articles some journalist write.

mikeslemonade2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I call people who read books for fun as readers or book worms. As far as movies go, movies are watched by 99% of people so it would be redundant to name someone who watches movies.

Dude just needs to be less anal about a slang term. It's just a quick way to say I play video games regularly and I'm well in-tune with that culture.

I don't care if the majority of gamers are immature douches. There's sub groups I don't identify myself with such as the casual gamers.

N7KIRK2415d ago

THIS, THIS right here is EXACTLY what he's writing about. Ahh. Gamers, gamers, gamers.

Thehyph2415d ago

Johndoe wins the "/thread" award.

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Ratty2415d ago

Yes it's strange. I would've thought if you stopped calling yourself a gamer that was because you stopped playing video games.

marinelife92415d ago

LOL @ Brilliant editorial. Because gaming isn't politically correct he refuses to call himself a gamer and wants everyone else to renounce it as well.

Sorry Simon, your entitled to your opinion but for me whichever game entertains me the most wins my money.

Bigpappy2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I don't call myself a gamer. I don't call myself a "sex machine" either. Other people like to label me these things. Call me modest if you like?

nukeitall2415d ago


I don't call myself superhuman either, and now I won't call myself a gamer either!

Some has called me a sex machine though. :D

chazjamie2415d ago

this guy is so dramatic. if you play games well done. if you think everything has a title and for some reason you have to live up to these 'expectations', then thats your fault.

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strigoi8142415d ago

i cant even stand to call you journalist...

cyguration2415d ago

Hmm, okay. Good, you can go back to mobile games, then. Those people aren't "gamers" either.

Neckbear2415d ago

The branding "gamer" is every bit as retarded as this article.

KwietStorm2415d ago

What's wrong with someone being called a gamer if that's what they do?

MidnytRain2415d ago

I'm guessing because there's a drove of psychos who call themselves the same thing.

Hicken2415d ago

So... because a small part of the "community" has taken part in deplorable words, you believe no one that believes in the industry or who cares about the community should name themselves as such?

... how about eliminating the source of the problem?

This is pissing me off. I'm so absolutely tired of people who call themselves part of the community- whether industry producers, or product consumers- and who paint the entire community with a broad brush in negative colors that only suit a handful. Why the hell does this not happen anywhere else?

These same undesirable people exist in ALL communities, ALL genders, races, nationalities, whatever. Don't go treating them as if they represent gaming and only gaming. Don't treat them as if they represent anything but themselves and their own ignorance.

If you can't handle that gaming has its immature idiots like everything else in the history of man, the community won't have lost much by your leaving. But at least get your facts straight before you go: this is nothing new, and nothing exclusive to gaming. Don't like it, then change it. But if you can't do that, then stop whining about it. DO proceed to do exactly what you say you're doing, and get out.

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