Sony Admits PS3 Line-up "somewhat underwhelming"

Gameplayer are reporting that Sony head Kaz Hirai has made some frank statements regarding the first year of the PlayStation 3's life.

"It is remarkable that a Sony executive has made such frank admissions to the public, yet they were within the context of a broadly optimistic view of the PS3's prospects."

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toughNAME3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

From my ignorant point of view Gears of War 2 still trumps the entire 2008 PS3 lineup

Breakfast3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Gears of War 2? bout FF 13...-exclusive- to the xbox. That game will trump the entire list.

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Breakfast3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

I think its pretty obvious that we are. Maybe i gotta try harder for you to off to toughy's house...dont wanna be late for the cheerleader practice.

"imo, perez hilton is better than the entire 360 lineup"

I think so too :)...and the ps3 line-up, and girls gone wild...

supahbad3816d ago

imo, perez hilton is better than the entire 360 lineup

WIIIS13816d ago

FF13 comes out this year?

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Maddens Raiders3816d ago

Kazuo is honest like Obama.

No hype; just brutal honesty -- even to a fault.

Don't worry Hirai-san, we know you're on the right path now in 2008 and be3yond.

cmrbe3816d ago

Some of you haven't read the article. Kaz was talking about the lineup in the PS3 first year which was last year.

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Enigma_20993816d ago

it is an ignorant point of view...

gonzopia3816d ago

The first year - yes... it was disappointing. Despite that disappointment, Playstation faithfuls knew it was going to get better thanks to the solid and powerful system behind it... and indeed it has. I've got four games on the go right now and each is fantastic. Three of those four are exclusives. Any more and I'd need to take time off work... and 2008 isn't even half over yet.

The only thing I want to play on the 360 in 2008 is Gears Of War 2... and even that has my limited enthusiasm.

clintos593816d ago

Goodluck with that because gears is going to need everything in its possible way besides graphics to even compete with resistance 2. Yes Resistance 2 is more then enough to stack up to gears of war 2. I could have easilly slapped it aside its head with MGS4, but MGS4 is just on a whole nother level. :P

TresTrendu3816d ago

Just show's how sony is. But what is really funny is how sony's great year is not so great. Home being pushed back for so long it is changing it's name to retirement home when it come's out. MGO beta is a disaster, Haze demo is a turd, New RES2 footage can anyone say last gen, Killzone2 being pushed until 2009. So wow the big title this year is LBP nice, great year just awesome. Very elite lineup.

robep33816d ago

This is actually about the titles available during the first YEAR of the PS3 not 2008 OH THICK ONE.
Everyone cast their minds back to the first year of the 360 when all
the 360 fans were posting about the quality of 360 games being like xbox one ports you can still see these posts on the net.
Every game console has had problems like this from launch when only a limited number of first year titles are worth buying.


Fallen_Angel3816d ago

Well I have 3 games for my Ps3 and 16 for my 360 and 6 are allowable on the ps3 and 1 on the ps2/xbox so I have 3 times as many excluisve on my 360. The only game that I plan on gettin this year of my ps3 is MGS4. For my 360 I plan on getting NG2, Too Human , Fable 2, GoW2 and maybe Banjo-Kazooie 3. Dont think I every only gotten 1 for a system before in a years time. The 1st year was the better year

GametimeUK3815d ago

gears 2 will be good... but mgs4 trumps all!!!!

RJ20003815d ago

MOST of you didn't even read it

Kaz also freely admitted that the software lineup in the first year of the PS3’s life was “somewhat underwhelming.”

meaning the first 4-6 months of the system which is normal for any system in my opinion.

potenquatro3815d ago

it's so sad so many people havn't played so sad.

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CViper3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

The context of the quote was added to the description. Sorry Bloodmask. Maybe next time?

Breakfast3816d ago

Read the article. Contributor does nothing to it.

BIoodmask3816d ago

N4G guidelines: Always use the original headline of the source article for your N4G headline when possible. Do not create your own headlines unless the original headline doesn’t make any sense when posted on N4G.

Original title - "Sony Admits PS3 Line-up “somewhat underwhelming”

N4G title - "Sony Admits PS3 Line-up “somewhat underwhelming”

wow4u3816d ago

After $60M and 5 years, maybe they could start to show in-game footage instead of the pre-rendered cut-scenes?

Killzone 2 is the new Duke Nukem Forever. Even more delayed than Spore, wow.

DomUltra3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Lol actively ignoring the new gameplay that came out?

Use your brain.

N4 is like all the other xbox fanatics.

1. They refuse all facts
2. If there is irrefutable overwhelmingly amount of evidence spin Facts in there Favor (as seen here, by N4)
3. Damage Control.
4. Cry cry cry cry if wrong but,but,but,but,but its pre-render, but but shut the hell up.

poopsack3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

after 3 years you fail to realize that, that was the only trailer that was ever pre rendered. And whoever agreed with his idiotic comment is another uninformed FB.Thats right, disagree with me, I feed off of that SHlT

Clinton5143816d ago

Did you cry a little when you saw the gameplay footage today? Tell us the truth you pretentious little woman. ;)

supahbad3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

KZ2 has never once been delayed, it has never been given a solid release date. just go whack off to those GeOW screenshots

3816d ago
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REPLOID243816d ago

he seems like the right guy for this gig. Honest, and demands quality from Sony products. What good would Home be to us if it was released earlier and sucked? Stupid article ends with a link to what else PS3 has done wrong. Give it a break already! Every console has it's share of things it could've done better. Meanwhile, I'm digging the PS3 and will continue to do so.

SlappingOysters3816d ago

About Kaz until you starting crapping on about the article being stupid. They were Kaz's words: that was his quote. So you kind of contradicted yourself.

Merkaba3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

He probably meant "Stupid That The Article". And if he did then I agree with 100% of what he said and have zero care for what "fanboys" say because I'm happy with everything.

(not calling you a "fanboy" fyi)

REPLOID243815d ago

I misworded. The article was cool, but there was a stupid link going deeper into what else the PS3 has done wrong. Every console has issues, man.

SlappingOysters3815d ago

That link article is old (end of last year?) but from memory it came with an opposing 10 Things the PS3 Does right and similar articles for the Xbox.

Buggered if I could find the links though

ryuyasho3815d ago

RRoD anyone...?? hehehehe

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