Gears of War 2 Vs Resistance 2 Vs Killzone 2 writes-2008 might be best remembered as the clash of the titans, as Grand Theft Auto 4 marks the beginning for this unending race for glory. This year shall also witness a multitude of epic (first person shooters) games being delivered right at your door step.

This unending vortex of destruction crafted by countless alien invasions began way back in the realm of Contra and as the years progressed the horror of the extinction of the human race became terrifying realistic, so in the current generation we have Gears 2, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 battling it out to reclaim the crown, the throne, the kingdom that had been snatched by the highly over hyped Halo 3. (Sorry Chief no one can hear you scream or whine in space).

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BilI Gates3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Graphics: Killzone 2 (CGI quality visuals)
Multiplayer: Resistance 2 (60 players online, 8 player co-op)
Crappy, uninspired Unreal Engine garbage: Gears of War 2

sonarus3870d ago

lol @ bill. This guy didn't get the feb 2009 memo apparently.

meyers3870d ago


60 player matches
Dedicated servers
8 player co-op
5 man squad formations within the 60 player matches
Scalable levels from 8 player all the way up to epic 60 player maps

Gears of War 2:

8 player matches
Laggy P2P networking
Tiny constrained environments because the last gen P2P networking and wimpy UE3 engine can't handle anything larger

yesah3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

GIF is lower quality then JPG

thereapersson3870d ago

Wow, the lighting and texturing on the gun in the KZ2 reloading + cover gif looks out of this world...

Maddens Raiders3870d ago

great posts dude.

Seeing is believeing -- no matter how big a fanboy you are, there is just no comparison. KILLZONE II is another league all it's own and the main reason why I camped out 3 days for my PS3. Bubbles up bro.

TresTrendu3869d ago

Funny how all the sony god's agreed with him. Even when you point out there wrong you are still wrong. GOW2 all the way.......

_____________________________ ___________________
As sony say's next gen doesn't start until they say, or at
least until i buy some HDcable's.

SL1M DADDY3869d ago

Crazy cool stuff there man. The KZ2 gun loading is now a part of my desktop. Sweet!

Atomic3869d ago

Gears of war 2 being on that crappy unreal engine , Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 win by default.

dantesparda3869d ago

But the old cowboy guy in GoW2 is a terrible idea. Does not fit into the GoW world.

phony force slayer3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

lol @ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
if you have played geow you would know that hummanity is annialated and the only kind of people left are the poor to recruit it fits in perfectly with the game.

in a pretty much dead world you are not gonna find super humans like some games.

wow4u3869d ago

"Laggy P2P networking"

You. Wish. It. Was.

Oh, and Frontlines has 50 player online, Huxley is going to have 120... There was a title on the Xbox (...cant recall the title at the moment...) that had something like 40 player multi-player.

Gears of War was one of the best reviewed games of the year, and got piles of Game of the Year awards. Resistence? No, sorry... not so much.

Nadine Coyle3869d ago


BTW I AM NEW TO N4G. i must say, i have noticed that a lot of 'sony fan boys' are on this site. i had a look at the open zone and WOW! all i see is stupid comments.

any way i own both next gen consols 360 and ps3. so i am not a 'fanboy' of any kind.

good gaming guys/gals.
have fun :)

LJWooly3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Thank goodness we don't have to judge an entire series based on it's first iteration on new and unfamiliar hardware, then...

Nadine Coyle3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

a good point. :) and the point he makes goes to both consols.

LJWooly3869d ago

Thank you, and welcome to N4G, by the way :)

Nadine Coyle3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

thanks i will try not to get caught up in all that 'flame wars' rubbish.

LJWooly3869d ago

Well, it's hard to avoid, but good luck anyway, mate.

You can have a bubble :)

Nadine Coyle3869d ago

right back at ya ;)

good gaming :)

potenquatro3869d ago

good luck with the hating. everybody else is just active reloading their shotties. :)

JasonXE3869d ago

forgot about GAMEPLAY. Gears of War owns resistance ripoff and killzone press a button to get a tower down.

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Says you3870d ago

And by the way Call of Duty 4 owned the crowned from Halo 3.

will113870d ago

too bad the xbox 360 only gets one of these amazing games and it is the worst out of the three ( gears of war 2 )

Mr Marbles3870d ago

how is GOW2 the worse?

KZ1 was a dud

RFOM1 was just another FPS

GOW1 also out sold both KZ1 and RFOM1 so are you just an idiot fanboy or do you have a good reason for saying something so stupid.

DomUltra3870d ago

First off its GeOW, secondly KZ1 was how many years ago dumbass, if you wanna talk sequels, Fable 2 should blow chunks, same with Banjo. Now that Killzone 2 officialy raped Gears of war 1 and 2 for graphics what kinda dribble you gonna let drop outta your mouthÉ

games4fun3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago ) 2 minuite realtime gameplay so far the best looking game right atm counting gears 2

killzone 1 may have not been the best but we're talking here and now not the bygone days of yore.

and so far it looks better

and resistance is the best launch title i have played in my life (ps1,n64,genesis,dreamcast,xbo x,ps2,nintendo,snes,360,ps3,ga m ecube) the 360 had PDZ c'mon

60 player online multiplayer is innovative and boundary pushing which is something i applaud as a gamer and in all the preivews (ign preiview of the mp game demo) there was mention of how there was no lag

yesah3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

RFoM2 has 6 times as much players per room then gears 2, Kz1 was not a flop. It was a solid game, and KZ2 looks to shut-up any nay-sayers about the series.

KZ2 looks much better in gameplay vids.
Resistance just kicks ass in multiplayer.

Remember kids, be like Srgt. Nathan say "NO" to steroid abuse.

zimbo0073870d ago

Theres no way GEARS 2 would come close to that

JBaby3433869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Don't try to make a defense with weak arguments like that. Gears MP sucked. Its single-player was way to short and there was never much going on on-screen. It sold so much because it was the only thing out and it got on the MS hype-train. Of course we have to wait until the games come out but R2 and KZ2 look to destroy gears 2 and honestly it's the best thing coming to the 360.

PSMonster213869d ago

This is the order i would put them in

1. Resistance 2
2. Killzone 2
3. GeoW 2

I have played each original game. Also, regardless of the order all three of these games will be amazing (some more then others) but amazing indeed.

RebornSpy3869d ago

Where? All I see is CG....

Just kidding, but seriously, you guys gotta chill. You act like it's a fact that GeOW2 is the worst, but that's ur opinion. Graphics aren't everything, there's always that fun-factor that many otherwise great FPS's leave out. I'm looking forward to all of them equally...

Whatever happens, this is going to be a great year for gamers in general, unless you spend all your time flaming 360 fans on N4G...

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toughNAME3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Master Chief and Marcus Fenix vs. Nathan Hale and Joe Killzone

Who would win?

poopsack3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

too late to change it Ive quoted you! (Killzowned!)

"Gears is better than both combined

...I'm not even that big of a fan of Gears either, but if you've played all 3.."

exactly, if youve played all 3, have you played the games in comparison here?

sonarus3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Phoenix beats joe due to his chainsaw advantage.

Hale beats the chief due to his weapons advantage. Infinite pockets giving him the ability to carry as many weapons as he wants leaves Master chief killzowned lol

I think his name is sev. He isn't the same guy from KZ1 though

toughNAME3870d ago

haha yeah I'm constantly changing my comments

I was saying these aren't new ips, they're sequels :D common sense tells us which is better.

Lol can someone help me out who's the main guy in Killzone?

pwnsause3870d ago

his name is Sev. and he has a mohawk

poopsack3870d ago

theres not really a main character i think, mainly because in the original, (which youve played) you could use multiple characters. Heres hoping all of that changes now.

Maddens Raiders3870d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Always nice to reveal dishonorable and pathetic behaviour; although not surprising at all.

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mabreu3870d ago

Another VS match between games that is months away from release.

JBaby3433869d ago

That's exactly what we got.

jvsantos3869d ago

Super Bomberman pwns all these.

Clinton5143870d ago

A versus based mostly on hear-say and previews taken out of context.

ps. the site is riddled with dirty pop-up ads.