Xbox 360 Chopper Hits The Streets

Motors will run hot in the coming weeks as the Xbox 360 Chopper cruises its way around shopping centres in Sydney and Newcastle.

On public display for the very first time, the bespoke handcrafted bike by Dave Harvey from GLH Custom Choppers will be visiting shopping centres throughout the cities, giving gamers and shoppers the chance to get hands on with this two-wheeled modern marvel.

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Breakfast3907d ago

Now they're trying to expand to the Hells Angels market. Good going MS.

JVIDICAN3907d ago

this is great and all but there is a thing such as "overdevotion" (usually but not limited to fanboyism)and this would without a doubt be it (followed by game system shirts worn by over weight kids that probally get ebouph ridicule as it is but by wearing that shirt are just asking for more =P)

SL1M DADDY3907d ago

Sadly though, it has never seen the road. During test it ran hot and was subject to stalling.

gamesR4fun3907d ago

Sorry couldnt help it :P

PoSTedUP3907d ago

that was good, that was good

Zhuk3907d ago

I will definitely go check this motorcycle out, it looks amazing

Ali_The_Brit3906d ago

who would be insane enough to drive that? it would RRoD after ten minutes of driving man