Leaked: Xbox 360 keyboard?

The lads at have something of a scoop: a spy shot of a Microsoft presentation discussion un-announced Xbox 360 acessories. Many of the regular accessories were announced last week, including wireless controllers and higher capacity hard drives.

However, this Powerpoint slide is of particular interest as it depicts a standard Xbox 360 controller with a miniature QWERTY keyboard attached to the bottom, in gap between the left & right hand grips. It is described as "for text messages and in game chat", hinting at text-based communication for the previously voice-only Xbox Live online service.

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Mikey_Gee4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

........I just use my $15 USB Keyboard. Not saying it is a bad idea ... but depends on the price and the SIZE of it and the impact on comfort.

FadeToBlack4454d ago

This keyboard was mentioned yesterday on that sample of a survey MS sent out to certain Live members.

Capt CHAOS4454d ago

What's it doing being posted on here so late in the day?

But, yes, it would be awesome and the design is pretty cool.

DEIx15x84454d ago

This was shown in full color as a real image back at TGS05 before the 360 even released. IT was shown on a slide that featured all of the accessories including the then unreleased camera (old style) and Quick charge Kit.

Deceased4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

wonder how long it will be before the PS3 copies this. I know this keyboard and a large hard drive are coming. TO HIGHPS3--->You can use usb keyboard with the 360 as well, but you didn't know that because you are stuck up sony's a$$. Anyway I would rather have this than a full size keyboard anyday.

highps34454d ago

Copy what? Ps3 has real keybaord and mouse support. This seems really retarded given you have voice chat?!?

shotty4454d ago

Whats your point the xbox 360 also has "real" keyboard support. I can control the dash and even type in game.

Islandkiwi4454d ago

That keyboard was first seen prior to the Xbox 360's release, some press conference at Barcelona. I was wondering what had happened to it.

God of Gaming4454d ago

Yep this is WELL over a Year old.. Saw this before the 360 launch. I use a wireless Keyboard I picked up from Wal Mart for 15 bucks but this might be cool for certain types of games..

CyberSentinel4454d ago

Just use a cheap USB keyboard. Who wants to type with their thumbs? Unnesessary.

Dlacy13g4454d ago

This is probably going to be a tool for those that want to IM. And yes I am saying that down the line you will see LIVE incorporate MSN's messenger and you will be able to IM right from the 360. Part of the whole LIVE Anywhere idea. They already have it to an extent, you can send messages to your friends on your LIVE account from PC or LIVE, so the next step will be to set up a IM service so you can not only voice chat with a 360 user but IM chat with a PC user.

power of Green 4454d ago

MS needs to release the key board i hate typing sheeeit with the pad. Wise-up MS.

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The story is too old to be commented.