Gamepro Previews Resistance 2

Gamepro writes: "Great news! GamePro will be unveiling a massive Resistance 2 cover story for the August issue of GamePro magazine, and you'll have it in your hands starting July 1! We can't tell you how thrilled we are to host the next big blowout for Resistance 2, one of the most creatively ambitious games of 2008, and we want to get you as excited as we are".

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zimbo0073819d ago

R2 + KZ2 + PS3 ==win win win

JVIDICAN3819d ago

previews already? damn that was quick

krakdol3819d ago

Ha ha, come on, how can you preview a game which will be out 7 months later (release date is Feb 2009). That makes absolutely no sense.

Or let's go further, let's preview game projects too.

Clinton5143819d ago

and the single player story more than anything else.

While Resistance:FoM was my first PS3 game and it did get a lot of online play out of me, there was something that just felt a bit off about it.

I always thought that it felt a little too fast paced for a 40 player game. Not many people worked as a team...which isn't a problem exclusive to Resistance. 60 players is just intimidating to me. Thankfully Insomniac is all about the option of making matches smaller.

Solid_Snake6663819d ago

R2 going to kill gears of war

thereapersson3819d ago

Have fun in the open zone, buddy!

Kleptic3819d ago

wish we could see the convention video in a direct feed...that cell phone capture was garbage...those screens in that preview though show that it does have a good bit of polish for such an early build..

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