Calling All Cars first video

David Jaffe's first post-God of War game, Calling All Cars (formerly known as Criminal Crackdown) is a downloadable cel-shaded car combat title that lets players compete to score goals. In addition to running at 60 frames-per-second at 1080p, Criminal Crackdown also features four-player multiplayer split-screen.

The first video of Calling All Cars has been released. You see David Jaffe giving some information about the game.

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robpolman4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )


andy capps4453d ago

I wanted to see more footage of the game after he talked about it for so long. The end was hilarious, though, and also the part about him stealing all of Capcom's ideas.

Weapon X4453d ago


Jaffe is the Bobcat Goldthwaite of gaming. This guy is "screws loose" when it comes to creativity and that's what I love about his approach to game making and the finished product. This game is simple, smart and best of all -- runs at 60fps. Thank goodness he makes games for the PS3. He will continue to bring fresh, fun titles to the platform. Anyone who disagrees is simply a hate-filled fanboy.

zypher4453d ago

looks quick and fun, an excellent hold-over till God of War PS3.

andy capps4453d ago

I'm hoping that God of War 3 will be on PS3, but I'm not so sure. The previous two would have been on PS2 at that point for the reason given that they could use the PS2 engine (probably some slight changes in God of War 2). I'm really hopeful that the third will be on PS3, but has it been confirmed yet?

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