Destructoid: "Sega still insists The Incredible Hulk game is 'realistic,' sends us new screens"

Sega's upcoming game The Incredible Hulk may be a lot of things, but one thing it's not is "realistic." We're talking about a massive green dude tearing apart New York City, folks. Still, Sega keep insisting that the title is an "intensely realistic third-person action" game. Not simply realistic -- "intensely realistic." That's a wild claim right there.

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dragunrising3911d ago

I hope this game turns out better than the Sega published Iron Man. I remember when the word SEGA meant something to gaming. I suppose I have a little Dreamcast nostalgia. Guess I'll be one of the peeps buying Soul Caliber on XBLA....

ceedubya93911d ago

Soul Calibur here I come.

Kami3911d ago

just looking at the pics it seems like the hulk has like 0% fat and that's not possible.i wish i was that cut.
not even ronnie is that cut

quiddd3911d ago

there is an element in gamma that zaps all body fat