Sony: PS3 the New FPS Home, Killzone 2 Delayed

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves said Tuesday that the PS3 is "definitely where the action is" for FPS gamers. He then announced that Killzone 2 won't be out until 2009.

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Spike473815d ago

there is resistance 2, MGS4, haze, and killzone 2 so I think they have a reason to say the PS3 is the new home of FPS.

I mean the xbox360 only has halo and gears and throw in another that I may not know of.

Not saying which is better though just saying that their claim is'nt absurd.

skynidas3815d ago

4 ur information MGS4 is not labeled as a FPS title, even when you can play from first person perspective

WIIIS13815d ago

PS3 is the Home to nothing at the moment. It is Homeless in fact. So they, and their fanboys, should really stop making wild proclamations until there are some concrete indications that the proclamations are true. Take a cue from Microsoft and Nintendo - they only make proclamations after the event.

dan-boy3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

for ages they've been saying that the 360 has nothing but fps's, and that the playstation has everything. now it's not worked out like that, the 360 has all the genres covered, and ps3's genre catalogue is looking like that of the first xbox.

sony says that playstation is the new home of fps, all the fanboys forget the digs they made against the 360's game variety the past few years, and begin rejoicing lol incredible!

pretty soon, i can see the sony fanboys claiming that having the variety of the 360s library is not good, and trying to claim that the slim pickings on the ps3 is the way to go.

i thought that was another reason why the 360 wasn't gonna do well because not everyone likes fps's???

so what is it people, is the 360 the home to fps and not much more....or is it the ps3? coz even sony have said that the ps3 is now the fps console!

3815d ago
sak5003815d ago

When the home finally comes out, most of the kids would have grown up and grown ups will be in retirement homes. I swear these ps3 lovers change their tones like chameleons. Whatever suits them to make ps3 better they shamelessly start singing that tune. They see nothing wrong with delays and over promised and under delivered stuff by sony. GOD help them come to their senses.

Peace out.

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pwnmaster30003815d ago

sux that killzone got delayed, but atleast resistance 2 is still here and besidede we have lots of fun games while we wait. just take your time gurilla no rush, resistance 2 should do the same thing to i think 1 year of devolopment is way to fast

HeartlesskizZ3815d ago

after seeing those gameplay graphics im glad it was delayed, how can that new footage look so bad and the footage from E307 looked much better.
im glad RFOM2 is coming out soon.

DomUltra3815d ago

So now we know that Heartless is on drugs we can just get that out of the way, ya drugaddict.

Mr_President_3815d ago

its better that they're starting 09 off with a bang in KZ2 because there is just no room for it in 08. you all know the list.

Breakfast3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

lol... i Would hAve thought thIs game would see a release in laTe 2008. But, i guEss its ok. You can say its fOr the better. hopefully it doesN't Disappoint.


Breakfast3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

lol...way over your head. Look harder.

kevoncox3815d ago

Everyone excited about FPS now. Lol. This entire generation is so weird. Sony fanboys bashed the 360 for having only shooters and FPS...guess what. two years into the ps3' life cycle and it's a shooter's haven. There is nothing wrong with that as I love all games but anyone noticed how no one talks about that any more?

Breakfast3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

@ Kevon...its called being a hypocrite. It doesnt matter though...everyones gonna be happy in the next year :)

@ Scerick

thank you...i worked hard for But, shhhh.

sonarus3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

lol kevon can't say it looks good because it jeopardizes his fanboy agenda. He can't say it looks bad because he will be alone. So he spins off in another direction. Good form kevon good form:D

Just got the wait beyond thing by the way lol. nice touch

Scerick3815d ago


I see what you did there..

toughNAME3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )


Breakfast you need 11 bubbles right [email protected]!

SouthwoodS3815d ago

I found it... WAIT BEYOND. YA but i rather have a better game and wait for it than a half-a## game. Plus there are too many good games coming out this year so i liked that it was delayed.

DomUltra3815d ago

Hey I got a question, are toughName and Breakfest honestly gay with each other? Every thing leads to "yes, no doubt about it" on my magic 8 ball.

sonarus3815d ago

toughName and Breakfast Killzowned

toughNAME3815d ago that's just immature

Now take my hand Breakfast or we'll be late for cheerleading practice

poopsack3815d ago

maybe it because ps3 has more variety with first parties, 360 has its FPS', Gears, Forza and... Viva Piñata.

Maddens Raiders3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

there was a lot of bashing by PS3 fanboys regarding the disproportionate numbers of FPS offerings on that system compared to any other. I must say though in fanboy's defense that was mainly because you and others of your cloth were clamoring that the PS3 had no good games (if any at all) and you clowned HS, R:FOM, and Motorstorm all as some of the worst games ever made while simultaneously touting Halo 3, Mass Effect, and Bioshock as the "be all; end all's" of games as we know it.

Remember that?

I'm glad the the PS3 is finally getting all the respect it has always deserved. It's made my loss of bubbles and nearly 4,000 comments on N4G over the years seem so worth the time. From the months before launch, to the big camp out leading up until 11|17|06, to the complete reversal of the mainstream media calling this wonderful system, "the bastard child, & technological abortion of our time."

Now, the PS3 not only has all of those other games that didn't "appeal" to the FPS lovers of the 360 at the time, but has also moved into first place in the FPS department as well.

So yes, kevoncox there was a lot of finger pointing back in the day in those nascent years of the black beast, but I'm glad to say now -- that the finger pointing toward the PS3 -- is for all of the right reasons. =)

kevoncox3815d ago

Madden -
I'm glad you're honest. I can admit that I prefer the 360 to the Ps3 at this point because I haven't had a reason to upgrade yet. I sold my ps3 and have been wavering between a new 360 or the ps3.

When MGS4 and other games come out I should /could bite the bullet.

Maddens Raiders3815d ago

glad to hear it. I think MGS4 would be an exellent "excuse" to pick one up. 8D

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niall773815d ago

"they always deliver on time"

as if taking a lil shot at the killzone2 guys.

well since KZ2 was announced Insomiac releases Resistance1, R%C tools of destruction and now resistacne2 I guess he has a point

gameraxis3815d ago

but I'll tell ya what, to me, it looks like it has paid off, i mean i CANT WAIT for R2 but the graphics and details (building falling) are much more in depth than R2.

Asurastrike3815d ago

The only exclusive FPS's the PS3 has coming out this year is Resistance 2.

MGS4 isn't a FPS, Haze sucks (the demo on the EU PSN is HORRIBLE), and KillZone 2 was delayed until 2009.

Btw, I own a PS3, and not a 360 or Wii.

Danja3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

please to explain what made the Demo so kinda curious..?

btw atleast rent Haze when it's out and dont just judge the game based solely off ur experience with the demo...

either sure no where in the article was it stated that 2008 was the year of FPS on says PS3 new home of FPS..we dont know what Sony has planned for next year ..

crazy250003815d ago

Is the Haze demo region locked?? Im in the US

PirateThom3815d ago

There's nothing "wrong" with the Haze demo.

It's a decent shooter... but that's it, it's decent, run of the mill and downright generic.

There's no major flaws (looks alright, solid framerate no matter how much action is on screen, controls are tight, virtually no lag in the co-op), but there's also no amazing new features (and I wouldn't include Nectar in that, it's just a powerup). Haze is very close to Halo 3 in terms of gameplay and style, and that's its problem. It's just a Halo clone with a gimmicky power up.

Had this been released when it was first due, it probably would have scored quite well, but now? The best it can hope for 7s across the board.

kewlkat0073815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

you need to create a European account, hey I just did and was playing 4-player co-op now I need a japanese account.

Below...EU and AU I'm no sure, I'm in NA.

badz1493815d ago

I'm using an Aussie account. I've checked several times since last night for Haze demo and Motorstorm2 new trailer but still not there! AU and EU are suppose to be the same right??

Phaqutomb3815d ago

i thought the Demo for Haze was just above ok. It might turn out to be good . I'll buy it just to check out the complete multiplayer

@Badz149 its on EU.

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