Gamesradar: 7 things we learned from first Mirror's Edge trailer

Gamesradar writes:
1) Parkour isn't just for 12th century assassins. Couriers make excellent use of this French style of movement as the main character of Mirror's Edge proudly shows us.
2) Faith's bust can't be bigger than an A cup. Seriously, anything over a tiny B and we'd be seeing cleavage from the first-person perspective.

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kewlkat0073820d ago

that the Music was bing a VG music freak.

I need that track. I knew it reminded me of that freestyle street sports or Parkour it's called.

JoelR3820d ago

only one thing to say:

Snoozer2823820d ago

To say the least. I'm still interested how they can keep the concept fresh and not just rinse and repeat.

MK_Red3820d ago

8. You can still make First Person games that aren't generic military shooters.

9. DICE still rocks.

10. Parkour RULES.

edhe3820d ago

Looks fecking awesome.

Almost like an FPS version of crackdown.. withou tthe uber-agent weaponry mind..