IGN Previews Killzone 2

IGN writes: "None of this is to say that the game doesn't hold together – but when other offerings at Sony's PlayStation Day, such as LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2, look to create more boxes to tick, it's a shame to see such a highly anticipated title do little more than is expected of it.".

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toughNAME3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

The first Killzone was a great game

Kleptic3819d ago

ah really?...

I own it...and am extremely excited for KZ2...but, especially now, KZ1 is almost unplayable...its very obvious that the game simply wasn't finished...

it has a great the time great features (one of the first fps's I remember with a realistic sprint)...but the framerate and glitches kept it in the territory of mediocrity without a doubt...the AI was almost not even implemented into certain levels...

anway, KZ2 looks to have improved on all that...I am really glad to hear the cover system works well...this is the first game to do it I believe, and it by far seems like the most immersive way to do a cover system...

and I also agree with the comparisons of this to CoD 4...ever since E3 last year, KZ2 reminded me of a sci-fi CoD 4...on crack or something...

Breakfast3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

"KZ2 reminded me of a sci-fi CoD 4...on crack or something..."

lol... @kleptic that exactly what i said...

"the game reminds me of cod 4 on drugs"

Fat Bastard3819d ago

Here's a spoiler:

IGN Previews Killzone 2

We have come to conclude that this game will kick some major @ss and wipe the floor of every other game on the market. Certainly better than anything the 360 has to offer this year. Can't wait till February!

sonarus3819d ago

I just want to know how it plays. IGN seems a little harsh on the game when its 9 months away. lol @ turning valve with 6 axis...awesome

chaosatom3333819d ago

then xbox fans are going to buy a ps3, lol. COd4 is stilling selling on xbox.

hazeblaze3819d ago

The cover system is already better than anything offered in COD4. If the rest of the gameplay is only marginally better than COD4 and the graphics didn't even improve beyond what we're seeing today... This would still be a must buy game! This game looks good as hell and they're still going to be working on it for another 9 months... that's incredible!

SlyGuy3819d ago

this line

...when one of the grunts exclaims he feels 'like a spare prick at a gang bang'

made me lol.

JBaby3433819d ago

Killzone 2 continues to impress me. It looks very good from the new videos and I can't wait to play it. Too bad I have to wait into '09 to get my hands on it. E3 should show even more so here's hoping.

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skynidas3819d ago

The game still have time for some polishing, so the majority of things that IGN is complaining about are going to be fixed for the final game (I hope so)

zimbo0073819d ago

so it doesnt matter whether someone complains or not

thats something unseen as of today in any GAME

jwatt3819d ago

Even though it does look good I agree with IGN there is alot more stuff that I would like to see in the game before it is released. I hope GG is listening becuase they still have alot more things they have to take care of.

actas1233819d ago

what do u mean alot of things to do?
If this game is released now.. AS is it would trump every single game out there.

Homicide3819d ago

Skynidas, what do you mean? He's always been here, just under a different name.

The graphics look freaking awesome.

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Ortiz833819d ago

They shouldn't be listening. They are going to make the game the way they want to. IGN should go make their own game if they want all that.

nevelo073819d ago

bwhat ign says this game looks fun as ever

zimbo0073819d ago

I dont think anything else COULD ever match this

lawman11083819d ago

I guess IGN hates the PS3 too huh?

however, it looks like Killzone 2 may be dangerously close to embarking upon the same road as its predecessor in offering ambience to the detriment of its other aspects. Traipsing through the level at hand, we come across an alarming number of crates, which although are all the better for showing off the cover system, belie some uninspired level design. And it gets WORSE

some of the game's appropriations were sadly wide of the mark – when one of the grunts exclaims he feels 'like a spare prick at a gang bang' we couldn't help but squirm at the forced machismo of it all. None of this is to say that the game doesn't hold together – but when other offerings at Sony's PlayStation Day, such as LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2, look to create more boxes to tick, it's a shame to see such a highly anticipated title do little more than is expected of it.

So much for the Hype on this "System seller" Yet ANOTHER TURD in Sonys toilet

criticalzero3819d ago

I agree 100% with IGN...I think it is one of the best previews written for quite some time now...Everything they said makes logical sense.

Anything but Cute3819d ago

Have you played the game yourself to be able to agree?

skynidas3819d ago

I was going to say the same thing, how the hell are u going to agree with the previews if you haven't played the game...

criticalzero3819d ago

No, but just looking at the videos it doesn't take more than a average gamer to tell you that although the graphics and animations look spectacular, the gameplay doesn't look far from mediocre.

For example: Look at the whole setting...Indestructible objects for taking cover, quirky AI (seemed way too easy)..I'm not a videogame Journalist, but I sure can say that there is that WOW factor missing from gameplay

cyclindk3819d ago

I have to agree about the missing "wow" factor from the previews; no crashing drop ships, guys running around on fire, new revelations, no WOW. But it looked better than ever.

Find the other trailer if you can, on youtube. It is very sketchy with little actual footage, but the best thing is that they really fixed that one guy's face (I think Ricco) the semi black/hispanic dude. Looks Waaayyyy more realistic now despite the bad quality of the video.

Kleptic3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

what is not understood is how much the game really is finished...this game falls off the map big time...this is the first time anything new has been shown in almost a year...and we have now officially been shown 2 levels, or parts of them anyway...and only one of them was available for impressions (the other was a private, invite only situation)...

IGN's preview went down a logical list of things the finished game should have...I think all they were commenting on was that so far it seems the game is only trying to deliver on what it initially promised...but nothing more...but that is mostly a case of not being shown much of the game...what the multiplayer actually has is what will make or break the title...the gameplay is looking to be pretty solid so far...the new mechanics apparently work well...and while one level may have a lot of 'crates', its pretty obvious from the vehciular combat and crumbling building in the other video that there will be a lot of variety through each level...

the rumors are that KZ2 will have a multiplayer like nothing else...with dynamically changing control points (be a helghast and control an area and the landscape changes dynamically to reflect being occupied by that race...and vice versa for the ISA)...but that is not confirmed and has not been shown to anyone yet...but in there lies how far beyond a visual masterpiece this game will actually be...

over 100 personel...over $40,000,000 USD for development only (no marketing included in that)...and nearly 4 years...will get you something...the questions on whether or not this game will deliver are being answered pretty quickly...and what is really cool is that we have barely seen any of the game...

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