Digital Spy's Most Anticipated Games of 2014 - Part One

Digital Spy - 2014 has a tough act to follow, and while it probably won't reach the same levels of hype, it should see next-gen consoles truly begin to bear fruit. Until then, the first few months should give Xbox 360 and PS3 a fresh lease of life with new Final Fantasy and Dark Souls entries.

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avangerironman3619d ago

for me is

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
inFAMOUS: Second Son
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Watch Dogs
Tom Clancy's The Division
The Order: 1886
Mario Kart 8


GodGinrai3619d ago

Nice list ;)

Infamous/PS4 bundle
Project cars
Dark souls 2
No mans sky
The witness

Im also looking forward to these games but want to see gameplay before I get too excited:

Shadow of the beast
Sunset overdrive
quantum break
The order 1866


15 Single Player Games We Would Like to See on the PS5

GB: "There's just something special about the games that could be, and this feature gushes about 15 games that we would love to see on the PS5."

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15 Dead Video Game Series That Should Come Back as Shorter Experiences

Even if they've laid dormant for a long time or were known for their massive scale, these franchises could work as more condensed games.

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-Foxtrot20d ago

I don't think you can get more condensed than Second Son, it was pretty short and felt like stuff was missing at times.

Snookies1220d ago

Yeah, I really loved Second Son but it definitely felt too short. Another couple hours of story content and it would have been excellent.

Magatsuhi20d ago

What's with companies wanting to shorten games? It's as if they want to cater to gamepass and lower the quality of games.

BrainSyphoned20d ago

Or maybe they want to cut the generic Starfield out of their game and make a focused higher quality game.

TwistedXenos20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

they can do all that without cutting the content, the content cutting is a desire of a capitalist, minimal effort and maximum profit. I love this website talking about shorter experience while making 15 pages of text for clicks.

Games1st20d ago

Yikes 15 pages. Don't need a shorter experience for Second Son.

Knightofelemia20d ago

I agree Dino Crisis and ZOE. But I also want Sony to dust off Wild Arms. See if Square can do something with Parasite Eve and Grandia. Would love a new Resistance game also Kain just so many great titles and franchises that need to see the light again.

Pyrofire9520d ago

InFamous 1&2 Remakes would kick so much ass. They are inherently fun to play and modern visuals would rock.

Abear2120d ago

Yeah they could just remaster them and I’d buy day one

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PS4 10th Anniversary: DashGamer's Top 5 Games

Dan Rizzo says "This year we celebrate ten years if the PlayStation 4, and while it slowly retires itself from the market, it leaves an imprint so vast that it personified what gaming would become for an new wave of players. The tagline “For the Players” was not just some fancy slogan, it was a moniker the studio and its leadership was prepared to fulfil for its dedicated audience."

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Rebel_Scum247d ago

lol if you’re gonna have so many honorable mentions why not just make it a top 10 or 15.

cammers1995247d ago

"This year we celebrate ten years IF the PlayStation 4"
Already tuned out since you can't spell.

Profchaos247d ago

Man way to make me feel old.
Where did those 10 years go we I still feel like we just finished the nes generation I swear

TheEnigma313247d ago

Damn time flies. I remember getting the ps4 and firing up Resogun.

jznrpg246d ago

Blooborne has to be in top5 for me. Thought PS4 had a lot do great games