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Majin-vegeta2720d ago

Do we know up to do date lifetime sales?

XiSasukeUchiha2720d ago

Vegeta let's just wait see 'sharingan deactivated'

shoddy2720d ago

The world gonna be a very dump place if people would pay more for less.

Unspoken2719d ago

World is a dumb place if people don't realize the value in what they are paying for.

Giul_Xainx2719d ago

Looks like AMD is rolling in the dough over this one. Seriously nVidia... You made fun of AMD taking both consoles and saying it is a fruitless effort. Now both the PS4 and XBOX one chipsets have put AMD's chipsets into over 5 million units alone. And with the PS4 taking over effortlessly offering gamers what they really want. I can't help but applaud from the stock talks about them.

gameonbro2719d ago

say what? the world is a dumb place because people buy what they want? good grief. no matter what the xb1 haters opinions are some people are quite happy with the xb1. and since we all know the kinect is a pricey kit are they really paying more for less? that argument is one of the most idiotic statement to ever be regurgitated.

mantisimo2719d ago

@ Il-jumpermt.

Malta never had any stock of ps4s in the first place but saying that they had ps4 peripherals that sold out before Christmas.

I bought mine from amazon uk and bought red and blue controllers from maltese retail.

How many other countries be waiting for ps4s to even launch?

ChrisW2719d ago


As soon as you find out, let us know how much AMD is actually making in profit...

vigilante_man2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

We have just entered a parallel universe where Sony consoles sell more than Microsoft's in the UK and US.

This is a massive thing here in the UK. To sell more in less time speaks volumes for the demand for PS4. Sony said they were throwing 500,000 at the UK market before Christmas and they delivered.

Great numbers from both consoles. If any unbiased gamer (they must exist somewhere) wished for a console to be leading sales this next gen it would be the gamer and developer-focused one.

Competition is great!

AndrewLB2719d ago

Giul_Xainx- AMD is doing anything but rolling in the dough. They're making very small margins on each APU for the Xbone and PS4, their PC CPU market share is shrinking, and the last two quarters they lost ground to nVidia on discrete graphics cards.

AMD was also downgraded by Oppenheimer this last week. Here is what they said...

"Meanwhile, Nvidia's (NVDA) competitive graphics position remains as dominant as ever."

"That, combined with low margins from its chips for Sony's (SNE) PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's (MSFT) Xbox One, promise to bring down overall corporate gross profit."

Ju2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Analysts are idiots. Those "small" margins they actually have now and costs them nothing for the next 5-8 years which they would not have had in the first place without consoles. I guess it'll never be enough for some. Those APUs will not change - other than maybe reduced in size; if it's feasible. Those cost will be minimal. The current cost will not include R&D but pure manufacturing and material costs over those coming years. A dream of a business model.

H0RSE2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

"The more for less argument" is only taking into account the capabilities of the consoles themselves and/or the games they will have available to justify the claim. They do not account for variables outside these parameters, which are relevant to the case being made.

Ex: all my close gaming friends play on Xbox, which is a big reason I play console. I also prefer XBL and the xbox controller over the Sony equivalents. That being said, despite the X1 being less powerful, more expensive, or even if you would argue they have poorer game selection, these aspects have made it easy over the years deciding to go with Xbox over PS, and I would assume others are in similar scenarios as this, on both platforms.

PS simply doesn't offer anything to me. the services, the exclusives, the controller - nothing is appealing enough to warrant purchasing the system. Even the "superior hardware" argument is moot, since I own a high-end gaming PC. In this regard, playing on console, next-gen or otherwise, always seems lackluster.

P0werVR2719d ago

A positive for Sony, but this is only the beginning and not too good for Sony. They had to have more significant sells than Xbox Ones in order to claim any sure victory. I'm seeing the tides are starting to shift throughout this year.

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gunnerforlife2720d ago

My local shop has three ps4,at £525 each, no games, just one controller -.- it's been sitting there since launch launch day. Idiots.

Ricegum2719d ago

Probably some crummy shop that never really made it as a proper shop so it goes under the radar. In any case, can you let me know where it is you're talking about, as I have three friends who desperately want one, but can't seem to find any. It'd really help, thanks.

RedDevils2719d ago

If were those the shop owner of that store, I will put those Ps4 on ebay and it probably be gone in a few hours with more double the profit

strigoi8142719d ago

nice story bro...did you mind weighing it, coz it might be the box is for display use only..

JodyCones2719d ago

All shops I'm in have no PS4's and xbox ones stocked up with all their games stacked. My gamestop employee told me he can't get rid of any xbones. He said he sold 2 xbones in just the past week, and just sold 9 PS4's in only the past hour.

hazardman2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )


Lucky store. Im in northeast, and my local Gamestops cant keep any stock of Xbox One or PS4. Seeing as there stock is limited compared to much bigger retailers! Not saying your lying, just odd your Gamestop is having problems selling the Xbox One they do have.

il-JumperMT2719d ago

In Malta PS4 are out of stock everywhere while you can walk in a store and find XBO Day One Edition on shelves.

Dhuie2719d ago

Shop name and phone number or GTFO

Pogmathoin2719d ago

Where have the photos of X1's been? Nobody reporting the X1's has a smartphone? Typical... My store has either, they sell groceries....

liquidhalos2719d ago

Yeah our local crappy game shop has been trying to sell his over priced ps4s for a while now too. His are £515, you can pick them up on ebay for 100 less. These greedy buggers arent doing so well this gen thank goodness. Thank you ms and sony for kepping stock up

gunnerforlife2718d ago

@liquidhalos Thank you, someone finally understands what I was saying, here's a bubble Bro, I'm a playstation guy but just because something is amazing, it does not mean that they should sell it nearly 200 pounds over priced. Shops like that need to be sorted out.

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GTgamer2719d ago

PS4 turn upppppppppppp 2014 here we come happy new years guys :P

ABizzel12719d ago

Ahhhhhhhh, turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up, TURN UP!!! XD

fattyuk2719d ago have day 1 editions with FIFA still available!

It's part of the new years 1 day "sale"

BadlyPackedKeebab2719d ago

Yeah I saw that and was like "but its the same price". We have been to loads of supermarkets and shops in the uk over the last week aa have been travelling around and every single one had xbos stacked to the rafters. Means nothing as ever ms might have crazy ass supply but its very telling. P.s. absolutely no ps4s in stock anywhere.

Triella2719d ago


Well if it speaks to you, there are about 300K more PS4 manufactured each month than XBO.

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showtimefolks2719d ago

I am glad both are doing well and so is wiiu. let's all just be together as a gaming community in 2014

Here is hoping for great competition
better software/hardware support
less fanboy crap on every site

and just a lot of awesome games

Foxhound9222719d ago

They're probably over 9000

Ps4Console2719d ago

I hope all three are selling well to be honest we need good competition .

GraveLord2719d ago

Yes. In the UK PS4 is at 530k and Xbox One is at 364k.

bumnut2719d ago

Too expensive for me :)

SynGamer2719d ago currently (as of December 21st) has the PS4 as 3.4 million units and the XB1 at 2.4 million units.

Triella2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

hum... I really doubt those figures as of now Sony has been able to manufacture 4m consoles in 4.5 months, but out of those probably only 3.6m have been shipped out, and if you take a high sell-through ratio of 88% due to obvious drought in stores (12% being in distributors warehouse, back shops, and part of it retained in prevision of Japanese launch) you get only : 3.16m sold.

Applying the same logic to MS shippment target figures for end of June (6.2m), one can extrapolate that they've only been able to manufacture 2.5m as of today. Out of those probably only 2.2m have been shipped out. Knowing that XBO are available in stores and in great numbers, sell-through is obviously much lower than PS4, but for the sake of argument let's say it's of 80%. Well, then you only get 1.76m sold.

Gamer19822719d ago

166k in two months is an a amazing feat especially in UK where Xbox 360 outsells ps3. It's the only place in the EU MS dominates.

Christopher2719d ago

So, to be honest, not by much and both are practically neck-and-neck in the UK.

ShwankyShpanky2719d ago

>100k/week vs <50k/week = "neck-and-neck"


thezeldadoth2719d ago

quick, find another positive sony article, n4g is starving!

TAURUS-5552719d ago

at this pace the xbox1 will be dead in like...2 years time.

nintendo will be the only rival to sony just cuz of the super mario brand.

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Evolve2720d ago


bumnut2719d ago

A handful of mediocre games?

Gamer19822719d ago

As its the norm for any launch console. The Xbone hasnt exactly got a steller lineup either..

Ju2719d ago

AC4 is mediocre?

Sure thing, then.

Godmars2902720d ago

Still waiting - only really caring - what 8th gen *GAMES* are going to be like. Worried if things are only going to be about graphics and multiplayer.

Godmars2902719d ago

We seriously need to stop concerning ourselves with sales numbers. Which title or brand is selling better than another. Its just not worth it if all we get are COD clones. Clones more "broken" then the original at that.

Blackdeath_6632719d ago

i strongly agree with you on this one godmars the attention on sales at this stage is way to high. most of it is bullshit as well the people who REALLY care about sale should at the very least have some sense in them to realise sales figures are most accurate when measured annually looking at sales only two months in when both console have yet to release in ALL markets and even the ones they have released in are not fully saturated is the most pathetic act of fanboisim i have ever witnessed.

TAURUS-5552719d ago

graphics and multiplayer are the decisive factor these days.

if a game doesnt have neither of them...that game´s dead.

SilleGamer2720d ago

Enormous sales for PS4.

This can only be a good sign for the overall health of the industry.

Long may it prosper. :)

Hicken2720d ago

All your base are belong to PS?

sashimi2720d ago

They all belonged to PS to begin with :P

come_bom2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Actually ... both consoles are capturing Nintendo's bases, with the PS4 taking a larger chunk.

GTgamer2719d ago

If PS2 was the highest selling console doesn't that mean that Sony had all the bases?

hazardman2719d ago

@gtgamer and at one point in time before PS and Xbox. The gaming world belong to Nintendo and Sega and matter of fact. Last gen you can say the entire games bases belong to Nintendo seeing as they sold more than PS3 and Xbox 360.

Im just gonna leave a Lmao and Smh.. to the naysayers.

insomnium22719d ago


7th gen sales aren't even close to being final. PS3 will overtake Wii in a few years. Didn't disagree, not naysaying at all here. Just pointing out the obvious flaw in your comment.

mediate-this2719d ago

What abouyt the new gamers, the gamers that stopped gaming after ps2 era, or the sega era. There are alot of mew gamers that probably never owned a console.

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