4x4 Off Road Game To Be Powered By Unreal Engine 3

"Epic Games today announced another unique application of the Unreal Engine 3. This one's for a 4x4 driving game. Developers Avalon Style Entertainment will be applying Unreal Engine 3 to 4?4 Off Road III, or "Off Road Drive." Avalon Style Entertainment, a game studio based in Russia, switched from their previous in-house game engine to Unreal Engine 3." writes

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resistance1003869d ago

This or motorstorm 2....i wonder

Cwalat3869d ago

i got the first motorstorm.. and still i cant see one single off road game even miles close to what they accomplished...

Kleptic3869d ago

UE3 is AWESOME for racing games...just look how perfect Fatal Inertia was...

TheExecutive3869d ago

I think i will stick to motorstorm 2.

DomUltra3869d ago

I'm sick of seeing the unreal engine, they all have the "unreal engine" look to them and quite frankly it's getting to me.

wow4u3869d ago

Its good news another developer decides that its best method to bring true AAA titles is to use the exceptional middle-ware provided by experts.

Unreal Engine is the best 3D system available in gaming today, its awesome to see someone extend it to new applications.