Sword Art Online PS Vita Exclusive Gets TV Commercial in Time for New TV Series Announcement

Today Namco Bandai released a new TV commercial of the PS Vita Exclusive JRPG Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, that will be released in Japan on April the 24th.

The commercial was released right in time to match the announcement of the second season of the anime.

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Snookies121848d ago

Ahhhhh! I want this to be localized SO badly. It looks freaking great!

Outside_ofthe_Box1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I want it localized too! I'm also exited that they are having a 2nd season for the anime. I hope Accel World gets a 2nd season as well.

3-4-51848d ago

Yea, I watched most of the first season and the first 15 episodes were pretty epic. I'm not even really into anime, most of it is annoying but the story was good, the music was good, there are likeable characters, not many annoying ones, and the Visuals/Art Style is just beautiful.

It's really the only anime I've watched more than 1-2 episodes of but I'm hoping this comes to Vita.

il-JumperMT1848d ago

Sword Art MMO Please, and make it Pay per month!

F2P MMOs are horrible and pay to win.

Jubez1871848d ago

Wait this isn't an MMO? Is it like a dot.hack sort of thing?

Abriael1848d ago

exactly. Single player JRPG with 4 player co-op elements.

Like the first game on PSP (that just didn't have co-op)

Snookies121848d ago

As Abriael said, it's single player. It's just in an MMO setting.

Hicken1848d ago

I'll take any form of it, so long as the text is at least in English so I can play it.

Also, gimme info on season 2!

iSieghart1848d ago

The Ps Vita Version is way better than PSP Version (duhh)

iSieghart1848d ago

I'm excited for the season 2 too!

Tripl3seis1848d ago

this anime is awesome cant wait for season 2!!

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