UGO: Echochrome Review

UGO writes: "Catcalls from the PlayStation Portable-owning peanut gallery for more, and better, games has died down considerably in recent months. That because they've all been busy playing through a spate of quality releases. Imagine that. The latest must-own PSP title is JAPAN Studio's echochrome. Though somewhat limited by its online-only release strategy, the inventive puzzler is drenched in style and universally playable, regardless of gaming background, thanks to its two-buttons-and-a-D-pad control scheme.

The premise of echochrome is simple. Each level is presented as a black-outlined wireframe design against a stark white background. A small stick figure - you - starts at a designated point, walking along whichever path is available. Scattered throughout each puzzle are shadow versions of your stick figure, all of which must be collected in order to complete the level. One button stops the stick figure in its tracks and another makes it move faster. That's all players get in terms of direct control."

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no_more_heroes3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

this game looks addictive, like Bejeweled 2 Deluxe.

must............make......... ...MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

(cleared the whole field of gems with a framerate dropping megaton explosion and I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO do that again).

MisfitSmurf3817d ago

>.< this game is hard when your analog sticks are worn out its hard as hell to control the map