Compatible Games For The Wii Fit Balance Board

Wii Fit has been released all around the world to rave reviews. Soon, the controversial game will finally be making it's way to American shores on May 19th.

It's safe to say that mostly woman and kids will be attempting the various workouts on Wii Fit. While the older men of the house will probably only attempting the game in secret when prying eyes have left for the day.

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PS360WII3819d ago

Oh I have Skate on the PS3 but if EA is going to make a Wii version and use the balance board I'd buy it again :)

That's a nice list growing I wonder if those are all confirmed though

darando3819d ago

ye wtf skate, if there realy making a wii skate i hope it not a half ass-ed port like rockband or rushed to make a quick buck, with EA you dont no what your going to get :S