140° Forced To Remove Fallout Series From Its Catalog - Happy New Year

GG3 picks up no the latest news from Where the digital distribution service usually has great news to share, the end of the year will be a bit of a bummer for them, as they were forced to remove the entire Fallout series from their catalog.

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PixelNinja3376d ago

Oh Well, they gave it to every one for free so at least Fallout on GOG had a big send off and a new generation can get to know this classic franchise.

deadfrag3375d ago

Bethesda has always are a fucking greed company!Its like the DLC content for games like Skyrim and Dishonored on PC you go to a Steam sale its more cheaper to buy the Goty edition of this two games than buying the DLC for the first release of the game.Now i ask is this a way to support the gamers that brought the game at release day or just a way to screw those gamers into buy the new goty version when most of them already have the base game brought at release!Fuck you Bethesda!

Xof3375d ago

GOG wasn't forced to do anything. They removed the games because the company that held the rights to the games no longer has them. Bethesda only just got the rights to the older Fallout games TODAY. This means Bethesda and GOG have to arrange a new distribution contract.

These things cannot happen instantaneously. Expect to see all the old Fallout titles back up on GOG in a month or so. Only then will any condemnations of Bethesda be legitimate.