'Grand Theft Auto IV' Video Comparison: MTV Vs. MeTV

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Grand Theft Auto IV" may have gotten some things wrong about New York City (we were only kidding, angry Rockstar fans!).But one of the things the developers got right was the home of MTV.

Our MTV building, where this very post was written, resides at 1515 Broadway at the heart of Times Square. Our office tower was faithfully recreated in the game as MeTV at 1717 Burlesque, in the heart of Star Junction.

We went outside, and then into the game to prove just how good a job Rockstar did representing us. It's almost like our own virtual Cribs."

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PR0F3TA3819d ago

why do i wanna see that alien headed b!tch Tila Tequila?

you fail

Cyrus3653819d ago

I dunno why it'd put tila, I copied the embed code on the mtv multiplayer site, TWICE, yet it gives me this, the hell.

Expy3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

The only "beef" I have with this game is the poor coding of the "dynamic" traffic generation code. There's an easy and simple way to see how this code is pretty harsh in the way it spawns new traffic. You can "force" the game to spawn new traffic out of thin air.

To do so:

1. Get into a vehicle, and start to drive
2. While driving, push the right analog stick completely upwards, sending the camera into the overhead view of the car
3. Now, hold that position for about 1-2 seconds and then bring the analog stick back down to put the camera back to its original position
4. It'll probably take 1-4 attempts, but if it works, you'll notice that there are cars/vehicles on the road now that weren't there before (even right beside you, or even in front).

It seems that the traffic generation code is set to spawn new vehicle assets while the camera is not focusing on a particular part of the street, while that's "smart" in some ways, it's not so smart when taking into consideration the ability to pan the camera by the user.

3819d ago