High-Res Artwork of Bane, Electrocutioner from Batman Arkham Origins

Here we have a couple of new images today depicting familiar enemies the Caped Crusader faces in his recent videogame outing; Bane and Electrocutioner are but two of the interesting opponents players must defeat in Batman: Arkham Origins.

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Lucreto1813d ago

Any word about today's announcement?

Whatsupdog1813d ago

Nothing yet mate. Probably some story-DLC related announcement.

ifistbrowni1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

hopefully the announcement is a next gen release. I didnt pick it up on ps3 because i'm hoping it comes out for ps4.

I know a lot of ppl dont like the game (glitches, frame-rate drops, multi-player). I'm a huge Batman fan and I own everything, but this game. That'll change if it releases for next-gen.

Lucreto1813d ago

It's a good game if you like more of the same.

I liked it even if I am rubbish at the combat. If it gets a PS4 release I might pick it up in the summer.