Perfect World Entertainment MMO’s Coming To Console

Perfect World Entertainment, a leading publisher of free-to-play online MMO games, today announced the forming of a brand new department aimed at taking PWE's biggest MMO games to both current and next-generation consoles.

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Grave2413d ago

Nice! I will love playing Neverwinter with my friends on PS4.

kazuma9992413d ago

Same lol never played it cuz dload took long but if its for ps4 ill play it like all other mmo so far. Hopes more mmos come to ps4 except wow >.> everyone knows why lol.

XtraTrstrL2413d ago

Nice, Perfect World is one of the best F2P MMO makers around.

kopko2413d ago

Cool! MMO's on consoles. Looking forward to this.

thorstein2413d ago

I really want Planetside 2 and and the new Everquest! But there are already MMOs on consoles (AFAIK). PS4 has DC Online, Blacklight Retribution, Warframe.

PS3 has a bunch including FFXIV (which is coming to 4).

Gr1mmyshadows2413d ago

Awesome, I love D&D related games

Ch1d0r12413d ago

Started playing this on PC last night, this is how Dragon Age 2 should of been handled. Great game, lots of action, way better than WoW.

TheRealTedCruz2413d ago

It's a really solid MMO too.
Hell, the game is a decent single-player RPG in itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.