Rumor: Unannounced 3rd-Party Exclusive Hitting Wii U in 2014

GaminRealm: "According to Nico Wav of French gaming website Gameblog, an unknown exclusive 3rd-party exclusive for the Wii U is currently under development and is set to hit store shelves next year. He tweeted this information on Twitter earlier today from Japan."

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ritsuka6662726d ago

Itagaki's Devil's Third currently has no publisher. I'm guessing it's that.

TomahawkX2726d ago

Would be awesome if true. Either way I have a PS3 and Wii U so I'll get the game either way.

Jreca2726d ago

DMC2? Dunno, In the vein of Bayonetta and a game that would be risky to do it on their own for a publisher, and from a japanese publisher. It's a similar case to Bayonetta, really.

from the beach2726d ago

Isn't there another Sega exclusive to come? Sonic Lost World was pretty decent so another something like that would be very nice indeed.

XiSasukeUchiha2726d ago

Maybe Nintendo aquired some unknown developers just sayin

Shok2726d ago

If it's a 3rd-party exclusive, that would mean that Nintendo DIDN'T acquire them, or else they'd be 1st or 2nd party.

italiangamer2726d ago

I think it could be Devil's Third, just some days ago Tomonobu Itagaki said the game was 80% finished and that he would release it for sure in 2014. It could be awesome for Nintendo to have an Itagaki's exclusive again (after Ninja Gaiden on DS). I'm looking forward to the January Nintendo Direct, it could be just like the one in 2013 where the bombs were dropped off lol

Shok2726d ago

That is true, Devil's Third fits the bill, BUT, as pointed in the article, the leaker stated it was an unannounced game supposedly.

What he said could've been mistranslated or taken out of context.

Theyellowflash302726d ago

What game do you think it is Shokio?

WPX2726d ago

Well technically Devil's Third is unnanounced on the Wii U. Still it's only speculation.

I wonder what type of game it could be. I just hope it's an awesome announcement coming from left field.

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The story is too old to be commented.