Girl Traumatized by Wii Fit

A number of parents have expressed concerns over Nintendo creating bad body images after a concerned family member complained that Wii Fit labeled her relative overweight.

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sonarus3820d ago

I knew this would happen

znu3820d ago

a game called her overweight.
An inanimate object called her fat and she cares why?

Well whos fault is that, if she displays the fitness of fatty then she deserves to be fat. If it called her fat based purely on her personal data without any fitness tests then well, who gives a dam.

Panthers3819d ago

It does cause people to feel overweight, just like "inanimate" magazines do. Except this is more personal. Bet people will start blaming this for anorexia.

gaffyh3819d ago

I bet nintendo never expected this lol. I really hope their are big repurcussions for Nintendo for going way too main stream with it's "games", WiiFit is NOT A GAME.

I used to have the greatest respect for Nintendo, not anymore...

Jeebus3819d ago

Wii Sports calls you old, Wii Fit calls you fat, and their next two will call you ugly and stupid...oh wait, they already covered the stupid one (Brain Training).

Nintendo makes a killing off of insulting people.

jessupj3819d ago

All I can say is, This is exactly what you get for buying a bloody wii fit. Those parents deserve everything they get. But the girl can't be held resposible, she doesn't know any better then to not play on the wii fit (if you wanna call it 'playing').

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truncheon3820d ago

the Nintendo press conference at E3 last year? LOL.

C'mon, seriously though. You're going to let your self esteem be determined by messages from a hunk of plastic and circuits? Get some f***ing perspective, mang.

crazy250003820d ago

This will hurt peoples self esteem.

truncheon3819d ago

People shouldn't let their self-esteem be determined by Media, because Media is in teh business of Make-believe and we live in the Real World. If you let magazines, TV, movies, the internets, or Wii Fit control how you feel about yourself, you will NEVER, EVER feel good about yourself. You will be fragile, easily manipulated, defensive, and desperate for attention and the approval of others. True self esteem can only come from that special place within your own self where your pure heart dwells in peace <insert rainbows>. Society puts too much pressure on "body image" for both sexes. But it's not so hard to give "society" the one-finger salute and live your own life on your own terms. "Get Confident, Stupid!" ... or be livestock, its up to You.

samchris3819d ago

Bravo my man. Could not have said it better myself.

AbyssGravelord3819d ago

truncheon I couldn't have said it any better myself!

+bubbles for you my friend!

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toughNAME3820d ago

When things like this happen to teenaged girls I can't help but LMFAO.

But when she's 10 years old...ugh what are we teaching today's kids?

truncheon3820d ago

to blame videogames on! has nothing to do with the overidealized female body image portrayed in TV, movies, and magazines. i'm sure Jack Thompson is sharpening his stick for the videogames cause anorexia fight.

DomUltra3820d ago

Nothin' I hate more then a paper thin chick, ANNA REX anyone?

Skerj3820d ago

I've figured it out, if every game told kids that they were fat and stupid then we wouldn't have to hear from Jack Thompson anymore.

Timesplitter143820d ago

84 lbs for a 10 year old girl IS fat, I believe. And that "solidly built" says it all. It's her problem.

And if she can't get over it, if she can't face what a video game told her, well I have bad news for her future.

ianp6223820d ago

It's right at the edge of healthy weight, assuming the parents gave the right figures. If she's 10 years old and this is the worst thing someone/something has told her after going through some of grade school, she should consider herself lucky.

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