Rumor: Warframe Coming to Xbox One

Warframe could be coming to the Xbox One as early as tomorrow.

dedicatedtogamers3554d ago

That'd be cool. Warframe is a really good f2p game, and it's one of the only ones where you don't really have to pay money in order to stay competitive.

Hicken3554d ago

Too bad it won't really be free to play on XB1.

Godmars2903554d ago

And it wont really be a factor to most XB1 gamers, since they already pay for XBL.

AliTheSnake13554d ago

Who would buy an xbox one and not get a gold membership ? I still haven't found someone who would buy a PS4 and not get a PSN+.

3554d ago
Godmars2903554d ago

The point is that if you're not into MP gaming, aren't into what's basically presented as the majority of the gaming community, then PS+ is an option. A choice. Whereas with the XB1 if you don't get XBL you're missing part of the console's functionality.

Think that has more to do with it being cloud based and cross-platform. Aside from this rumor, I don't think there's been one MMO announced for the XB1 and it would come off as a bit inane if you could play and build Spark on PC for free, but have to pay for it on MS's own console.

Then again they could likely get away with it based on the "Most XB1 gamers pay for XBL" logic I presented before. Rather XB1 gamers would let them get away with it.

dantesparda3554d ago

I know I'll probably get alot of disagrees and probably some bubbles down) for saying this. But i think the game is to framey for a 60fps game, I wish they would fix that

ikkokucrisis3554d ago

Wow, could this be the first cross platform game across all 3 systems?!

I personally love this game on the PS4 and am looking forward to playing with people that have other systems :)

maniacmayhem3554d ago

It is F2P, you don't have to pay to play for Warframe. You pay for the Xbox Live service, just like you pay for your cable service to watch Cartoon Network.

ShinMaster3554d ago

@ Godmars290 @ AliTheSnake1

Almost half of Xbox owners don't have a Gold membership.

joefrost003554d ago

Its multiplayer right
And you have to pay to play multiplayer on the ps4
So technically its.not free on the ps4 either

Besides the game meh at best but more games are good

Hicken3554d ago

You don't have to pay anything for free to play games on PS4. Not for Plus, in any case.

No, it's not like Cartoon Network, as CN isn't available unless you have cable(or satellite). It would be more akin to having to pay for cable JUST to get a local channel.

Not all- last I heard, roughly half or a little under that- Xbox gamers had Live Gold. Dunno what the numbers for the XB1 are at the moment, but I imagine that won't change too much, though I do expect it to improve.

Maybe they CAN do the same with all free to play games that they will do with Project Spark, but it's gotta be telling that they haven't said anything of the sort so far.

There's a reason this is the first game of its kind to be heard of going to the XB1, and I think there's more to it than the relationship Microsoft has with indies right now.

In any case, the main point is that, as of now, it's NOT a free to play game, because you will have to pay for Live in order to play it. How many people pay for Live is irrelevant. How many people pay for PS+ is irrelevant. What they're doing with Project Spark is irrelevant.

Godmars2903554d ago

Are you talking about the 360, the XB1, or both combined? Don't think MS have said anything about XB1 use, other than zombies killed.

And as far as the 360 is concerned, its more like out of half of the units bought are online, and out of half of those are paid XBL.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3553d ago

Thank you for confirming Hicken that PSN+ doesn't give you free games as well. It let's you rent games.

Thank you. What a great ending to the old year, as well as start to the new year.

XboxFun3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )


Lol, awesome right. So all those free games Sony gives out are actually not free because you have to pay for plus.

Love how Hicken stuck his own foot in his hypocritical mouth.

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il-JumperMT3554d ago

Are we playing this game game? Warframe is flat out PAY TO WIN

CriticalHit3554d ago

How can it be pay to win if it is co-op? Also, the weapons and warframes are quite easy to get, you only need to pay money if you want lots of weapons or warframes.

DevilishSix3554d ago

pay to win a coop game, I wish darwinism worked faster.

SITH3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Lmao. The hilarity of your comment is legendary. I guess the AI is screwed huh!?

il-JumperMT3554d ago

Can you pay real money just to buy weapons?

If yes then its pay to win.

Hitman07693554d ago

False. Everything that you can pay for can be earned in-game.

il-JumperMT3554d ago

So? You can still pay and get it earlier. Example TERA you can either spend months playing to earn best gear or just buy from cash shop and get it instantly. By your logic that game is not pay to win?

Its flat out pay to win even if you can earn it in game.

iceman063553d ago

What win??? There really isn't a WIN to speak of. Sure, you could pay for access to frames and weapons earlier. But, for what? Bragging rights? You can pay as much or as little as you would like and STILL get the same type of enjoyment out of Warframe. The only REAL reason to pay, is if you are impatient and don't like to grind for things.

Kayant3553d ago

"Can you pay real money just to buy weapons?" - Yes but like iceman06 said it doesn't do much expect unlocks frames and weapons earlier.

If you don't grind/work to upgrade your weapon/frame like everyone else then your weapons are useless because it will stay weak forever.

The one thing you have to buy with platinum (money) is orikin reactors because they are very rare in alerts.

Also you're not winning anything since it's co-op. So no warframe is not P2W.

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theRell3554d ago

Who would care about playing a F2P online if they aren't interested in multiplayer gaming?

NeloAnjelo3554d ago

This isn't a rumour... The publisher said it a 3 month console exclusive...


"At present Warframe... will be exclusive to PS4 on console for three months following its launch in November. Warframe is not currently announced for any other console formats."

Whilst not stated, it seems pretty obvious that an Xbox One version will launch early in 2014.

cyguration3553d ago

What about Microsoft's parity clause? I thought games had to launch at the same time to appear on an Xbox console?

Cueil3553d ago

Warframe had an exclusive deal with Sony that's circumvents the clause... and they also their own publisher I'm sure... they are probably are not going through the ID@Xbox

Phene3554d ago

You can have it ..the game is garbage

Ps4Console3553d ago

The game is utter rubbish , I hate FTP games because you evenuatly pay a lot more there is nothing free in this world you after pay your way .

Allsystemgamer3545d ago

You don't have to pay for a single thing in this game. Only more character and weapon slots which are about 25 cents. So you could play the game and sell characters for a new one or pay a quarter...wow such an impact on the wallet!

Everything can be earned in game.

Example. Oberon just released. Got his parts in 3 hours.

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XiSasukeUchiha3554d ago

Interesting opportunities for different experiences