Borderlands 2 PS Vita Given a Release Date of March 18th, 2014 by NewEgg

Since we learned about Borderlands 2 being developed for the PlayStation Vita by Iron Galaxy Studios (Divekick), with Sony handling publishing duties, we haven’t heard much about the game, aside from the fact that it’s coming out at some point in 2014 and will have four player co-op. - PSLS

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SynGamer2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Same day as Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD for PS Vita and PS3? Smart...


Hopefully this isn't the case. I like Borderlands 2, playing it on PC as we speak, but I will pick FF X|X-2 HD for the PS Vita over anything else that comes out that day/week.

I just hope they include cross save functionality for the PS3/PS Vita versions. I would love to carry over my current game to the Vita. That might actually get me to buy this, eventually.

bothebo2726d ago

Porting a game onto a handheld that will have worse graphics, likely removed features, and not as much content was never a good idea. Especially when Sony is offering for free as part of PS Plus: I already got it for free and I'm not paying $40.

maddskull2726d ago

probably you dont have a vita and it may be better than 360 and ps3 since vita can handle the ps4 graphics and it has alot of potential.

qu1ckset2726d ago

@maddskull I have both ps4 and a vita slim and love them both but your comment was kinda stupid , it won't be better then the ps3 and 360 version due to them having to reduce quality and size to work on vita and modify controls which wasn't my hate for your comment it was more the "vita can handle the ps4 graphics and it has alot of potential." If you call running ps4 in remote play at a much less resolution at 30fps which looks crap when compared to a 1080p tv handling ps4 graphics then you need to get your eyes checked!

To get me wrong remoteplay is fun and played knack start to finish on it , but it definately takes a hit on graphics when using remoteplay!

Muffins12232726d ago

Reduced graphics yes but some parts vita dose better than ps3/360...had more ram.It will likely have all the DLC with it and use the touchpad and touchscreen usefully.Knowing other vita ports from console,itll be the exact game ported over but with more features :) You obviously don't have a vita.

bothebo2726d ago


You're an idiot and i'm sorry you had the opportunity to respond. Which port has more features on the Vita? Name them for me because I can think of several ports that do not run well or have as many features on the Vita. I can name all the HD Collections, Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault, FIFA, Call of Duty, Batman, and the list goes on. Among these games the touchpad was used in a constructive manner with controls? RETHINK YOU STATEMENT.

I own over 30 Vita games and have a youtube channel dedicated to it. Don't you dare question my passion.

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Sephiroushin2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Too many games coming out March after all; Dark Souls 2, Infamous 2nd Son?, Blazblue CP, FFX HD Remaster, MGSV, Titanfall, Yaiba Z, South Park? etc ...

But yeah, If true, and even if it's just for PSV I would seriously delay it for a bit more, free on PSN+ for PS3 users and most of the ones that wanted to play it, already did!
I'll be playing once again Toukiden myself, this time with friend/fam since I'm currently playing FFX HD, but I know lot of people will pick FFX on march along with Dark Souls and some of the other games mentioned, which are actually new games not just ports!

CocoWolfie2726d ago

the sooner the better i think, games lauch simultaneous all the time, to me they just need to be justified to putting down money for both or all.. anyway we'll see :p

Ju2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I an looking forward to this. Missing one great (mainstream) game for the Vita. This is one more on that list. I hope it can cross save with the PS3. That the game is free (for a month on PS+) there doesn't matter to me. Need something to play on the Vita. My PS3 is full anyway.

BTW: I doubt this will be a scaled down game. It's based on UE3 and Vita has actually more memory. Art style actually will make this game identical on the Vita to the PS3 version.

N4GCB2726d ago

Vita has a high chance of actually having better shadows then the PS3 version the only problem is how will they fit the game into a 4gb card unless they decide to make 8gb cards.

Ju2726d ago

They can probably scale/compress textures differently - actually I don't know what compression modes the SGX supports. The Vita has a lower resolution. Probably no need to use the same assets.

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teflontactics2726d ago

Not to be a pessimist, but I doubt it'll be ready by then - that's likely a place-holder (though admittedly an odd choice in date unless they used a FFX post as a template).

WeAreLegion2726d ago

I'm guessing it'll be out in summer or fall. I doubt it will release before then.

admiralvic2726d ago

Does anyone, anywhere, really believe a game that was just announced is going to release in 3 months?

We don't know what content is going to be included, how the game really looks, what Vita exclusive features it will implement and what sacrifices need to be made. Sure, it can happen, but Gearbox would be sending it to DIE if they do that.

cluckey072726d ago

I doubt many sacrifices need to be made. It's not a graphically beautiful game afterall. It was announced like 3 months ago. That gives the Sony team 6 months to get a port ready. Sounds about right to me. It's not as if they have to create a whole new game.

Riderz13372726d ago

What do you mean "just announced"? It was announced in August...Almost 5 months ago lol.

admiralvic2726d ago

You do realize that words have SEVERAL meanings right? I was saying that it was announced and thats it. If I wanted to say it was announced recently, I would say it was announced recently.

dodgemoose2726d ago

"a game that was just announced" should of been something along the lines of "a game that has only been announced", as "was" (past tense) and the "just" would suggest you were referring to a recent or immediate past.

Try and improve your syntax, then you won't have to further explain yourself to other users in the future.


Riderz13372726d ago

Lmao, you said "JUST announced". Think about it for a second. Come back to me when you understand the meaning of what you wrote. You're telling me that you only said it was announced and that's it? Damn, you don't even know what you wrote yourself, so why would I bother with you?

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