PS Day: Sweet Killzone 2 shots - Sony dishes out in-game screens of its now-2009 shooter

CVG has posted 4 new screenshots from Playstion Day, check it out.

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TheExecutive3820d ago

the shot of the two helghast is iconic.

Cwalat3820d ago

amen.. the one where the merc helps up one of his buddies is an iconic one aswell..

games4fun3820d ago

the last pic of those 2 is best

on a sidenote these screenshots besides the last one does not do the game justice here is a link to it in real time :

TruthBTold3820d ago

bubbles to you for that link. man, this is surpassing the expectations I had for this game. I dont care if this game is pushed to february in US also as long as it looks this good. The release for february so far is only for EU or UK right? I dont think it is WW. Amazing game.

Condoleezza Rice3820d ago

I can fully understand why Guerrilla need more than 6 months to work on this game,if the gameplay is as incredible as the visuals then say hello to another Playstation 3 AAA game.

resistance1003820d ago

you mean 'AAAA' this game is looking out of this world, i've never been impressed with a game like this before.

Kleptic3820d ago

if it really does nail the gameplay...this will be the king of shooters for a while...did you see that gameplay video (part 1)?...not the trailer or the little looped thing...the 2 minute deal running through this level...

it is currently unmatched...the entire level has helghast artillery or something raining on your dude...its 100% certified awesome...

Ortiz833820d ago

What does AAA stand for...

Fishy Fingers3820d ago

No one knows.... Just means a good game, but the people who tend to use the term quantify a good game by it's sales.

I guess if it averages over 90% or something you can call it a AAA

It's a stupid term either way.

resistance1003820d ago

An AAA game isn't to do with sales or Review scores, its to do with the production value and basically hype of the game. A major game release will be considered 'AAA'

Kleptic3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

yeah the definition changes depending on what game is in question...

you see...halo 3 was AAA because of its name...when the graphics were a slight let down, and was being called halo was still AAA because of its sales and review scores...

however...Bioshock was also AAA...only this time sales were actually a bit of a let down...however it still had high review scores...which makes it AAA...

Now Killzone 2 is in a different boat see KZ2 can't be AAA no matter what I have been told...that is because Killzone 1 even if it is the best looking game ever made, or the best playing, or the best selling, or the highest will fail because of Killzone 1...

MGS 4 is another bizarre example...apparently MGS4 can't be AAA because it has fairly lengthy cutscenes (thats what 'they' say anyway, I haven't been lucky enough to play it yet)...and because, while MGS1 and MGS2 sold very well, MGS3 only sold 3.7 million copies to a huge install base...AAA status for MGS4 is revoked because of that it seems...

so you have to take into account which system its good the franchise was in the much the franchise overall has sold, and which specific titles sold the best...if it is a new IP, the title is disqualified for AAA status if it is exclusive to the PS3 (haze for example)...if it is exclusive to the 360 (or more than likely to the PC and 360)...AAA status is granted until very tangible doubt is presented...

at least...these are the notes I have been given...

cyclindk3820d ago

Amazingly Awesome Action baby!!!

Ghoul3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

-Large budge
-excellect production
-well know devs
-and a high rating expected (no matter if it delivers or not)

to put it simple every major hyped game on the platforms are AAA games, Resistance, Gears 1+2, Godofwar, Alone in the Dark, Battlefield, Killzone 1+2, Spore, Motorstorm, Bioschok, Mass Effect.

A game with an AAA rating is one that is considered 'best of breed'. These titles have excellent production values, large budgets and often come from well-known developers. Examples of AAA title games would include: Doom III, Final Fantasy VII, and Starcraft.

What does AAA stand for? We have found one definition saying: "What does a Triple A rating mean? The ILFs are rated independently by the rating agency Moody's Investor Services. AAA (Triple A) is the highest rating that can be assigned by the rating agency to ILFs of this type. The rating is independent of JP Morgan Fleming and is only given after a thorough examination by the rating agency of a number of elements. These include an examination of the portfolio management team and its investment process, internal control procedures, the quality of securities held by the portfolio and the consistency of performance by the ILFs. A full technical definition on an AAA rating can be obtained from Moody's Investor Services. " From: Q11

@ cleptic sorry but your wrong AAA is explained above and Killzone 1 and 2 are AAA games even if killzone 1 had a mediocre score in the end.

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americanGTA3820d ago

I Really think the Killzone 2 delay to fall 09 is GOOD. WAY TOO MANY SHOOTING GAMES coming out this fall. I def wanna get Resistance 2, and Metal gear online, and little big planet… but 4 $60 games in one month is WAY TOO MUCH for me. I really hope that the Resistance/insomniac team can put the finishing touches on Killzone 2 right before it goes gold. that would be my dream come true.

flambeau3820d ago

All of them don't come out in one month, they are spread out.Metal Gear Online is free with the game.

Jamegohanssj53820d ago

I hope the delay is just for the British nation. I have a question; why is it hard to make a game for the Europeans, but it's not hard when it comes down to the Americans and Asians? I never understood it.

The Genius has spoken.

Fishy Fingers3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Your a clown. This game IS European. Learn some respect of pi** off to the open zone.

resistance1003820d ago

'why is it hard to make a game for the Europeans'

Mainly because theres about 14 different languages they need to produce the game in, they have to create the games to run at 576i rather than 480p for those who don't have HDTV's, the Rating system takes ALOT longer to do and more little things.

Fishy Fingers3820d ago

and they make better games :)

Jamegohanssj53820d ago

Fishy Fingers, you're the clown as I just asked a general question. You should have respect for me you ass clown. I only respect those who respect me and from the looks of everything that's hardly anyone.

Thanks for the help Resistance. You earned yourself a bubble; give yourself a pat on the back.

The Genius has spoken.

QuackPot3820d ago

for releasing their products in various locations and times.

That's why Sony is a key player in a muli-billion dollar industry and we aren't.

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