Prepare to Feel Old: 10 Games Turning 10 in 2014

It’s almost 2014 which means these ten games will be turning a decade old at some point over the next 365 days.

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-Foxtrot3322d ago

If HL2 is 10 next year then Valve would be wise to announce HL3 in 2014.

newflesh3322d ago

It better be Portal 3. Nothing against Half life, just think Portal is a better game

Somebody3322d ago

Why not a crossover of both? They are both set in the same world so it would be great seeing Chell teaming up with Gordon. Portal Device and the Gravity gun in one game.

snake_eater3322d ago

I will never forget the first time i played HL2, what a masterpiece that was and it still is. I feel bad for this younger generation of gamers, subjected to mediocre games like cod and it's respective clones.

GTA:SA was also brilliant, way too much fun.

curtis923322d ago

HL2 was the last game I built a PC for specifically with one game in mind. Even got the Radeon card that came with a code for HL2 on steam. I remember thinking steam was an app only for half life 2 haha

Kevlar0093322d ago

Luckily you can find Orange Box for sub $20

UnHoly_One3321d ago

To each their own.

I thought Half Life was garbage.

I'd take any of today's "mediocre games" over Half Life any day.

I just never "got" what was special about Half Life.

coolbeans3322d ago

Wow...going on ten years since KOTOR II released. Crazy how time flies.

from the beach3322d ago

I played Fable about five years ago now and it felt like it had been around for ages then, never mind now.. looking forward to the Anniversary version.

roland823322d ago

I wish they would remake san andreas with gta 5 graphics and controls.

curtis923322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

...isn't that kind of almost EXACTLY what they did?

newflesh3322d ago

I think he means 90's vibe which was great

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The story is too old to be commented.