Video Game DLC Has Gotten Out Of Control

Nerdacy: Season passes, timed DLC, platform exclusive DLC, retailer exclusive DLC, and plain ol’ DLC, remember two generations ago–console generations, not human generations–when DLC released, yeah you had to pay for it, but after a few months it became free?? Yeah, kind of hard to remember now with all these microtransactions, huh?

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dedicatedtogamers1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

I wish devs would take a Kickstarter approach to gaming. Kickstart is - technically - chock-full of DLC-ish stuff called "Stretch Goals", except that you don't typically pay for Stretch Goals. Rather, they're unlocked by more people backing the game.

I wish AAA titles did this. Put a little App in the game that tracks how many people have bought the game. "We're at 1 million! New DLC side-mission unlocked for free! If we can get to 1.5 million, everyone will get the upcoming multiplayer map pack for free".

At the very least, I'd like to see some developer experiment with that. Somehow, EA or Ubisoft would find a may to mess it up, though.

Shadonic1910d ago

I agree, also maybe have the buyers influence what they make.

IcyEyes1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

It's a pretty bad idea, Nerdacy, use a picture from KZSF to talking (in a negative way) about the DLC.

Killzone will give to you for *free* new maps and will let you buy only nice (co-op pack) and cosmetic stuff, so basically one of the few game that will not milking you to continue to enjoy the game.

Ps the article is also pretty "dull".

mydyingparadiselost1910d ago

That's a really good idea! I tend to preach getting dlc free if you buy new but I think your idea is probably more fiscally sound.

Garethvk1910d ago

I remember the old days when maps and content was given free, especially on PC to thank those who purchased the game and supported it. Xbox Live and consoles established the market and that was it. Look at Call of Duty. PC users got the maps free until a few years ago when they decided that if new maps were Gold for the consoles, then they will be gold for the PC.

webeblazing1910d ago

remember when you beat a game and you unlock free stuff. now you pay for skins... WHAT???

DeadlyFire1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

This is way games with great customization pretty much explode with popularity.

Minecraft, Terrainia, Everquest Next, and games like it will be the biggest community of continual gamers this generation(for the next 6+ years) I believe.

There is a simple way to kill DLC. Simply don't buy it no matter how much crap they advertise for it. When the sales of DLC drop off a cliff they will have to learn a new way to entice people to spend money. I believe it has already slowed to an extent which is why we see Micro transactions, but I could be wrong and its just another way to accelerate gamers spending more cash.


Just like microtransactions will, sadly

Majin-vegeta1910d ago

OP you do know all competitive maps are free right??And you don't need the season pass to enjoy KZ:SF?

But I do agree.Price should depend on the content the DLC comes with.If it's just maps *coughcodcough*They should cost $10 maximum.

webeblazing1910d ago

$10 thats too much. having cheaper will generate more buyers and paaying for maps just for devs can move on to the next game and not support it anymore is common.

DeadlyFire1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Level editors should exist in most new games with sellable maps with micro-transactions kinda like Steam's marketplace for CS:GO/TF2 items I believe. Where Developer like Valve take a small percentage of each sell and so on. Money for them, and money for you, and DLC for everybody.

All maps made by the developer should be free with game purchase. Like Shadow Fall's adversarial maps. The Co-op maps add small episodes so I believe its okay to charge a little for them. As this is a new trend of DLC they are trying.

nosferatuzodd1910d ago

why is there a killzone pic there from what i know all killzone dlc are free so why is it here

Goro1910d ago

There's a $20 season pass for KZSF


better than all call of duty $49.99 when the maps are not that good is like paying for two game but only have one is all Bs if u ask me

Goro1910d ago

What's with the disagrees, it's a fact that there is a $20 Season Pass.

Lord_Sloth1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Season Pass isn't required anyways.

BF4 and CoD are bigger culprits for DLC spam. They have expensive Season Passes and brag DLC before their games even launch. KZ is far from out of control with their DLC. BF4 and CODG have a $50 Season Pass! Explain to me again how KZ is a justifiable target for this complaint!

dcj05241910d ago

@Lord_Sloth. Calm down lol. I was answering a question. I agree with you but i didn't write the article.

FunAndGun1910d ago

All new maps for Shadow Fall will be free for everyone.

There will be Co-Op DLC that can be purchased individually as they release or you can purchase a season pass and get it all.

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