KillZone 2:Gameplay video(Part 1)

Gamersyde are providing gamers with a 2 minute video of KillZone 2 gameplay straight from Sony's Playstation Day.Enjoy!


Due to a heavy strain on their Servers,the video may not stream in your browser.If that's the case,use the download link provided below to check out the new gameplay video.

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sonarus3815d ago

Sh!t isn't working for me

Violater3815d ago

Stop downloading your all sapping my bandwith lol

Spinner3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

wtf, I'm only getting 20kbps lol


HighDefinition3815d ago

It`s safe to say.....Killzone 2 is going to be a WINNER, in everyway. That video and the other one in the tank are UNREAL. To me, this looks/moves better than Crysis or anything else I`ve ever seen. Can u imagine if has the ammount of options/modes RFOM2 does. Like 2 campains, 60 people online. Wow, this could be the biggest system seller yet for PS3. If they get a demo to you/in stores, it`s gonna sell by the ton.

jwatt3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

The game is looking real good, lighting is really impressive and textures are alot better. I also feel like I can whoop @ss online.

HighDefinition3815d ago

Is the BEST DAY i`ve ever expierenced, here on N4G. Minimal sh!t talking, by the usuals. Every 5 mins it gets better.

Today has been absolutly great for PS fans. Give each other a bubble for the GREATNESS of this day, thus far.

eagle213815d ago

It really looks awesome. :)

You can download this using your PS3 browser and watch it on the XMB. Click download WMV, then triangle button (save target) on the server #5 icon. It's super fast! Peace! :)

killax35633815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Use BT, and after you download it seed. I'm getting about 25-30KB/sec on BT and about 35-40KB for motorstorm2 (both dl-ing at the same time).

badz1493815d ago

is it just me or really KZ2 is more amazing than CoD4?? I still can't believe my eyes! this will be a killer!

killax35633815d ago

Looks amazing but the AI looks crappy. Hopefully the work on that. But the graphics are there already.

Also, the game seems a bit slow. Turning seems a bit slow.

But hopefully they fix these problems. But graphically, it looks like one of the best games this generation no doubt.

chaosatom3333815d ago

This is the game that will convert xbox fans into ps3 fans.

gambare3815d ago

It will be released till feb 2009 but it worth it! meanwhile we got a ton of bombs this year and the next year too :O

theKiller3815d ago

the only systems i owned in my life is PS1 and PS2 and planning to get PSP and PS3, so i deserve some bubbles right? am currently at 5!
i will give bubble to all those above me and below me!

fenderputty3815d ago

"his quite possibly.....Is the BEST DAY i`ve ever expierenced, here on N4G. Minimal sh!t talking, by the usuals. Every 5 mins it gets better."

Yeah .... I haven't even been posting. I don't care enough to. I'm just so stoked. The only other day like this was E3 2007 KZ2 footage. I remember IGN's headline ... "It's REAL!"

Good times indeed.

CrazzyMan3815d ago


INehalemEXI3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Horrible time for me to get multiple trojans on my main pc, Beat it a couple times after Blue Screen of Death. Now I must rebuild it lol.

On my laptop and still have not had the patience to download and see this. You would think it would be on youtube by now. I go check. Nope not on there, Bites the bullet and begins the long download.

INehalemEXI3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Looks amazing and like it plays smooth.

alexM3814d ago

in graphics and GAMEPLAY

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Ace Ventura3815d ago


alexM3815d ago

that game kills everything out there

TheSadTruth3815d ago

Seriously THIS IS THE BEST GRAFFIC I HAVE EVER [email protected] This game looks so amazin only possible with the power of the ps3!!!!!!! I think sony must have had help from God making this game cuz the graffic r too amzing my eyes cant handle them!1 best game ever xbots suxxors~!!!!!!

TheSadTruth3815d ago

haha I just ate my own words since the vid works now

That does look really good, but the other video doesn't.. hopefully it plays as good as it looks and then I will definitely buy a PS3 for this MGS4 and FFXIII

Ace Ventura3815d ago

Look guys!! KZ2 converted an envious BOT!!!

There now will be MANY more coming to the Dark side!!!


zapass3815d ago

"PS3 is a waste of time"

every time your jaw hits the floor like mine watching this gorgeous stuff, picture this @ss hole and his rats making big "expert" statements from the top of their soap box trashing the PS3.


TheSadTruth3815d ago

I'm not a bot, I'm just a realist

Homicide3815d ago

Crysis just got dethroned in graphics.

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vloeistof3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

yeah i am so glad i did not go and play gta iv again

Breakfast3815d ago made the right choice

the game reminds me of cod 4 on drugs

pwnsause3815d ago

is that the Helgan Revolver? YES! WIN!

IIamback3815d ago

No frame rate drop, did you notice it folks? thats what really is impressive it is still pre alpha code(as it says in vid) and runs that good.

Ovidius3815d ago

I saw a slight framerate drop, I think, at uhh.. 0:44 or so. And later towards the end, while its going to the checkpoint. Nothing bad though.

Varsarus3815d ago

Meh, are you watching the gametrailers one?, watch the gamersyde one, it's fully working now :D, I saw no framerate drops at all

Ovidius3815d ago

It's the gamersyde one.

Varsarus3815d ago

I saw no framerate drops throughout the video what so ever....

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alexM3815d ago


IMPOSSIBLE thats not ingame!!!

poos33815d ago

the game looks average it like the games is using texture wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too muh every object in the game has the same texture no variity look at it more care fully the effects are quite good but the game looks avrage tbh gears of war 1 looks very similar in certain area say like the train level with ram so it nothing much but im amazed the ps3 can produce a game identical to gears of war 1 wow