PS4A Writer’s GOTY | BioShock Infinite

PS4 Attitude writes, "2013 saw many strong contenders from the hauntingly exceptional The Last of Us to the indie smash hit Guacamelee! but BioShock Infinite is the one title that has continued to stay in the recesses of my mind throughout the year. While much changed since its initial announcement trailer in 2010, my enthusiasm never waned. A lot can happen in three years, but thankfully Irrational Games delivered one of the best gaming experiences of the year."

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RIP_Cell2383d ago

great game, well deserved

1nsomniac2383d ago

Despite the great originality of the setting the game itself I thought was extremely poor/dull.

I still haven't got around to completing it yet..

stavrami-mk22383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

funny i was thinking about this earlier absolutely fantastic story line .i don't even like fps games but enjoyed this and the setting and music was mind blowing as well .got to say just finished ac4 black flag and thought the story in that was smashing and also the music

Heisenburger2383d ago

Looking forward to playing this in January. ;)

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