New Game Modes Battlefield 4 Leaked? Tank Superiority, Co-op missions And More

A player in Battlefield 4 has digged deeper into the code from Battlefield 4 and maybe found different new game modes. As with all info from the game code, it should no be taken seriously because there is not telling if these game modes actually will come into the game. Some names this user found such as Tank Superiority, Gunmaster, Squad Rush and Scavenger appear familiar.

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ragincrinz2387d ago

I just brought this today I can wait to play it and get the dlc

Callediceman2387d ago

PS4 player here, works fine for me now.


PS4 player here, my DLC does not work. Ever since the update I get major lag, especially when flying jets for some strange reason.

Callediceman2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

sorry to hear. ive been playing china rising and havnt had an issue.. with that said i rarely fly around so maybe that has something to do with it.. well for all those having issues i hope they fix it asap..

---and last time i logged on was 12/22/13 so if an update has occured since then maybe it jacked up the game

Crazyglues2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )


yeah same here, PS4 user, and my game has had all type of problems, it's the biggest disappoitment I've ever had in a game...

I was looking so forward to this game, but it's be an epic fail, after Fail after Fu*^**** Fail..

I just can't believe it's this bad..

I must say Angry Joe nails exactly how I feel in this video -

||.........___||............ ||

princejb1342387d ago

It doesn't randomly boot me I to the ui anymore but in some cases their are rubber banding lag

MWong2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

After the last patch (PS4) the game seems a lot more stable (doesn't crash as much). If I request Conquest Large it doesn't give me TDM and the game doesn't crash (knock on wood) after half a game of Rush. The DLC works fine, but I am still rubber banding a lot, sound drops at times and lag on certain maps(mainly Hainan Resort, Golmud Railway and sometimes of Rogue Transmission).

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Detoxx2387d ago

Game works great, at least on PS4.

Coach_McGuirk2387d ago

let's not divide the player base up any more, thanks

iistuii2387d ago

Ps4 player here & conquest large is so laggy it's a joke. Still no 32 player conqust normal servers.

Detoxx2387d ago

PS4 player here.

90 hours put into the multiplayer, 70 hours are 64 player Conquest Large.

Since the last patch the game has NO issues. So don't make things up.

iistuii2387d ago

. Why would I make things up. You really think the battle log forums, which are full of people having bad experiences are making it up. Show me a screenshot of your conquest 32 player server list, which happens to be my favorite mode, which still isn't available to play. Some players are still having their campaign saves deleted to this day. Your telling me that you don't have any rubber banding or lag in 64 player conquest, then congratulations, your one of a kind there.

Detoxx2387d ago

I'm not even going to discuss this with you.

All of my friends, both in real life and on PS4, are able to play 64 player Conquest Large.

iistuii2387d ago

We'll if you don't want to discuss it don't answer my original post saying I'm making things up. I didn't say I can't play 64 player conquest, I said its laggy. I said I can't play 32 player conquest, which I still can't.

Aleithian2387d ago

So many PS4 players reporting problems still. I play on PS4 and it's flawless now. Pretty much been that way since about the start of December. I get the tiniest amount of lag from time to time, but it isn't a big deal.

gedden72387d ago

Who cares.. This game needs major patching so that we can have multiplayer parties. As of right now. They're now clear way to party with friends and join a game be on the same team.

Detoxx2387d ago

The only thing the game lacks is a menu party system. That ain't major patching.

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