Steam Badges Are A Depressing Way To Find Out Your Game Didn't Sell

GG3 takes a look at some badges yielded from Steam Trading Cards. Even in attainable numbers of low badge levels, some titles are much rarer than others, which goes equally for their common items. Deadfall Adventures is one of those lowly games.

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Linko642381d ago

i made enough in 20 mins on cards to buy Brothers so...YEAH FOR CARDS!

BranWheatKillah2381d ago

This is a terrible correlation since you can only gain a finite number of cards from each game and that number is less than what is required to create a badge.

Maxor2381d ago

People buy these things? I thought they're just for fun! I love how innovative Steam is with their achievements and collections to encourage people buy more games.

How come Sony isn't doing this?

Lionsguard2381d ago

What are the point of these badges and cards? Why are people buying them?

RenegadeRocks2381d ago

I have the same question. I don't get why people buy these useless cards. What do they do?I have so many of them.

tanookisuit2381d ago

I believe the badges are for "ranking-up" your account/profile, and the cards are used to make the badges.

In the case of Winter 2013, the badges also give you a random item (for keeps) from a list of free-to-play games.

Rifkens2381d ago

Crafting the badges level your Steam Profile. Every level you get an extra 5 friend slots. Every 10 levels gives you an extra segment on your profile to show off items/games/achievements/works hop publishes etc etc.

Once you have gathered all the free cards from that game, you are eligible to get booster pack drops every week. More games eligible the better chance of drops.

Alternatively you can sell the cards for around 10p (regular) upto £1 (foils). Money can be used to buy games or in game items.

I like it. Thanks for free games :)

Daavpuke2380d ago

As an additional awesomeness: Sold trading items on the Steam Marketplace yield a percentage to that game's developer, so you're additionally supporting games.