Sony Rolls Out The Eggs

Ever wonder what exactly the SIXAXIS controller can do? Move eggs, that's what. Not only move them, but SMASH them, birthing giant crows. Your move, Nintendo.

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wow. so instead of showing people the fact it can control games with movement like the wii controller, they do another confusing stupid white room advert, implying the best thing about the sixaxis is that it is wireless, the same as 360.


andy capps4459d ago

I think the point of the ad was showing the tilt funcionalities of the new controller. I think these ads are actually pretty cool. Much better than the baby one anyway.

THWIP4459d ago

...the 360 can COOK eggs. ;) :D

Jrocks_4_ever4459d ago

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT....360 can fry eggs on that overheating the way I like mines SCRABBLED WITH CHEESE!!

Apocalypse Shadow4459d ago

this commercial and the rubix cube were cool.ominous the system will kill you.the controller with the one red eye of death.

DJ4459d ago

These ads keep getting better and better.

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