GameSpot: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Hands-On

Motorstorm may have been a brand new franchise for Sony's PlayStation 3, but developer Evolution managed to make a flat-out success out of its simple formula for destruction. In another bold move, the developer has decided to ditch the dusty environment that made the first game so iconic, in favour of a brand new tropical island setting. This time, Evolution has taken inspiration from the islands of Hawaii, where volcanoes, waterfalls and crumbling cliffs will act as all-new hazards for the vehicles, which now include monster trucks.

GameSpot grabbed the development team at the London PlayStation Day to talk more about the game, as well as take their first hands-on with it in solo and multiplayer modes.

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Dmack793820d ago

So many Great games coming for the PS3 this Year! My wallet can't take it! :)

xg-ei8ht3820d ago

Seen the new gameplay vid. Looks ok.

But its only 40% complete, so loads of time for better graphics etc.

You only have to look at new killzone 2 footage to see the change that's had and it looks amazing.

PoSTedUP3820d ago

yo were can i see the game play video. the other 1 wouldnt show it for me