Electronic Arts Introduces New 'EA SPORTS Freestyle' Brand

EA announces new brand for EA SPORTS games designed to be "playful, inclusive, casual, and easy to pick up and play for kids and parents, women and men, and casual and hardcore sports fans of all ages." FaceBreaker will be the first game to be part of EA SPORTS Freestyle.

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GutZ313819d ago

I really hope no one buys into this, as I don't think EA deserves gamers money.
The Developers maybe another story, but the higher ups.. eat sh!t and die.

Monteblanco3819d ago

So they have a new brand. Probably it would ask too much for games that actually play good and are packaged with a worthy manual.

FCOLitsjustagame3819d ago

So, we're never getting another SSX? Instead we will get some type of Mario snowboarding, except without Mario? Maybe cutesy puppies playing baseball?

Well, I guess them actually doing something NEW is a step in the right direction, even if they will be games I probably wont get.

jinn3819d ago

i assume Peter Moore came up with this

hotrider123819d ago

leaves a bad taste in my mouth yuck!!!
I can't believe the next nfs game will be called "the Island"