Motorstorm 2:First gameplay footage

Gamersyde provides gamers with the first gameplay footage of Motorstorm 2.Enjoy!

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vloeistof3869d ago

site is on a roll now where is killzone gameplay

killax35633869d ago

I just watched it...looks just okay. But the game is only in 'pre-Alfa' so hopefully they make some BIG improvements b/c right now the game just looks like a hi-res Gamecube game (and I'm not kidding about that).

CrazzyMan3869d ago

i remeber, how first game was changing during 6 month before release...
now just imagine, if game now look very nice, then by release it will look just AWESOME! =)

bourner3869d ago

where was the mud . shows that its nowhere near compleation

QuackPot3869d ago


I don't know what Killzone 2 footage you were looking at but you need glasses.

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alexM3869d ago



I am so getting this in FALL

resistance1003869d ago

looking great for Pre-Alpha, can't wait to play the final product later this year

masterg3869d ago

I will not say its looking great for a pre alpha, but it shows promise.
The game looks like they should have waited a couple of months before showing it off. There are so many things that aren't in the game yet on this video.

Gravity is off, Crashing is off, grown texture is completely missing.

Fragking283869d ago

why do you guys and stupid developers say pre alpha as to make it seem like the game is years away the word alpha is the beginning there is no pre beginning, god people r idiots.

niall773869d ago

colour = win

so much gray and brown this gen, some green and blue is nice for a change

Breakfast3869d ago

Colour does equal win :)

Proven by math.

trancefreak3869d ago

my kids are going to love this :)

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The story is too old to be commented.