Amazon New Years Sale: Tearaway Almost 50% Off, $6.55 Hot Shots Golf, Next Gen Discounts

Tearaway almost 50% off. Hot Shots Golf for Vita $6.55. Wonderful 101 for Wii U almost 50% off. Plenty of Next Gen titles getting discount and more.

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fendernow2385d ago ShowReplies(8)
CGI-Quality2385d ago

It's interesting to note that if you give your opinion about something, you're seen as immature, but this guy enters the topic, clearly didn't read it, insults the site, and yet only gets disagrees. Doesn't make sense.

cesuf2384d ago

Its interesting your posts rage over xbots but are very sympathetic to sony ponys. Fairly typical of the fanbase here.

CGI-Quality2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

My "post(s)"? No. That would be the first time I've expressed any issue with a fan-base here. It had zero to do with Sony, so I'm not sure why you even mentioned Sony "ponys".

dantesparda2384d ago

" so I'm not sure why you even mentioned Sony "ponys"."

Really? you have to ask? its cuz he's obvious a MS fanboy, whining about the Sony fanboys

Goro2385d ago

Next-Gen games are so expensive, i just spent €62.49 on AC4 which is the cheapest i could find it on the internet.

Stringerbell2384d ago

Well I've seen it all now. Someone having a hissy fit and throwing the old fanboy moniker over a video games sale?

tawak2384d ago

Did tearawaay went on sale for $17 at psn a week ago?

NukaCola2384d ago

Yeah it did. Bought it and became addicted. Played it religiously until I platinumed it yesterday. By far one of the greatest games on Vita, of 2013, and one of the most creative aventures in all gaming.

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