The Edge awards 2013: best game

For all the hype surrounding a new generation of consoles, 2013 demonstrated that mastery over the form is more significant than the number of particles pushed onto screens. The vast world of Los Santos layered glistening beauty upon gruelling grit, while The Last Of Us cut through an overcrowded genre with a refined script and unflinching creative vision. Both are standouts of a year in which big-budget games pushed at the limits of size and polish, but were otherwise content to refine genres rather than reinvent them. Again, the indie scene picked up the slack, daring to tell stories of emotional hardship and the nature of choice. But even it seemed focused on the promise of consoles to come, with a number of games slipping to 2014.

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DoctorJones2391d ago

Good choices. I'd have to pick GTA 5 as well, it would be close with TLOU but I had more fun with GTA really.

DOMination-2390d ago

In recent years edge gave goty to uncharted, demons souls, journey and lbp so its about time they stopped being biased and chose a non ps3 exclusive for once.

strickers2391d ago

It's been ages since I agreed with Edge. What an Xmas surprise.

Riderz13372391d ago

Surprised to see Tearaway at #3. Good Job Media Molecule.

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