4 Films Based on Video Games Hitting Cinemas in 2014

As video games often have settings, characters, and plots, they have often become the basis for Hollywood movies. However, a lot of film adaptations of video games have been rated unfavorably and the adaptations often fail at the box office too even when they already have a large number of video game fans waiting out there. Now that 2013 is almost coming to an end, 2P gives a look ahead at the four upcoming film adaptations of video games that will hit cinemas in 2014 and records the release dates.
There are more film adaptations of video games coming in the future like Assassin's Creed on August 7, 2015, World of Warcraft on March 11, 2016, Angry Birds on July 1, 2016, Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect, Temple Run, Gran Turismo etc. Do you think they will do well at the box office?

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khan_saab3254d ago

it will be interesting to see these films and how they do. it has been a while since they had so many game based films come out like this. hopefully they learned and do a better job with these films. I love the fast and furious films and would love to see a need for speed franchise do well like it.

ragincrinz3254d ago

I don't think the need for speed looks very good. they are stepping on a very fine line to being like fast and furious

johndoe112113254d ago


I totally agree with you on that but the thing is movies with a lot of car chases, crashes and explosions usually do pretty well. Unless i hear some really spectacular reviews I'll wait for it on bluray.

Why on earth would they do another street fighter movie??? Every one they have done so far have been absolute failures. In fact every movie based on fighting games have been failures except for the first mortal Kombat movie. The last street fighter was the worst of them all.

There are so many game franchises that they can make movies out of, God alone knows why they seem to choose the worse ones. I am however interested in the assassins creed and World of Warcraft movies.

Hercules1893253d ago

The Metal Gear Solid movie can be pretty good. Assassins Creed would be an amazing movie. Not sure whats going on with the Uncharted movie. Halo is becoming a TV series which is probably for the best because you can get a lot more story out of it than a movie.

WeAreLegion3254d ago

These don't look good. Lol. I like Aaron Paul, but still. :/

If only Josh Trank hadn't left Shadow of the Colossus.

ragincrinz3254d ago

mass effect is all I want to see

dreamoner3254d ago

And new Hitman movie prolly died with Paul Walker(rip)

frostypants3254d ago

He wasn't in Hitman. Was he supposed to be in the sequel?

SnotyTheRocket3254d ago

Eh, Timothy Olyphant was in Hitman.... Not Paul Walker.

dreamoner3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Paul Walker were supposed to be in the sequel.

sephiroth4203254d ago

I dont think Need for Speed will be any good, Resident Evil might be alright, seen as some of the films in the past have pretty good, I really dont understand why they are making a live action film on Street Fighter, an anime would've been much better considering all the crazy fighting and projectile moves, The last one looks pretty good though, already forgot its name though lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.