Knack, a nice game thats been covered in mud - review on @IM_PLAYIN

IM PLAYIN takes a quick look at Knack and explains why they think that it's not as bad as the critics have been saying.

"Throughout my time playing games I have been a huge fan of the platform genre with the likes of Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank and Spiro. So when the first game revealed for the next-gen was seemingly an addition to this category, I found it very hard not to get excited. Since then I have seen Knack dragged through the mud by players and reviewers alike. The thing is, I actually really liked Knack and the more bad reviews I read, the more I want to defend it."

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GentlemenRUs2382d ago

Most of the bad reviews are from people who are new to the gaming scene... Now if it was someone from the NES/PS1 era then it would be A LOT more different...

I loved Knack.

Hicken2382d ago

Seems like folks WANT to hate Knack.

Belking2382d ago

The devs made it quite easy to do

abzdine2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

the game is really fun and extremely easy to control. On top of that the story is decent for this type of games and the graphics are gorgeous.

@pedrof93 : NO! Ryse does look good but plays as shit. it's just boring and "another Crytek game"

pedrof932382d ago

The same can be applied to Ryse.

NewMonday2382d ago

Knack is a good game, people who play it enjoy it

haters are just jumping on the bandwagon

Evil_Abed2382d ago

And others just don't like it.

2382d ago
fenome2382d ago

Me and my girlfriend are both having a lot of fun with this game, both the single player and co-op. I just wish the screen would pan out a little in co-op so both of us had more room before the second player goes out of screen, but that's a minor gripe.

Haters gonna hate

BitbyDeath2382d ago

Let's face it, if Knack had guns it'd be getting 9's and 10's everywhere.

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DoggyBiscuit2382d ago

I'm from the NES era and I think this game suck

Irishguy952382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Yeah, all I see here are people repeating refuted arguments.

This game is a low quality poor mans crash/jak etc.

The reason people don't like it isn't because it's a game from a different era, they don't like it because it's just a poor game. Go back and play any of those games, Jak and Dax are in HD now too. They are vastly superior to the turd that is Knack

If you've been starved of these type of games all your life then you might like knack. If you've played a handful you should know knack is a poor offering in the genre.

Bell Boy2382d ago

I'm from the pre Atari era and really enjoyed playing Knacks coop with my 7 year old who loved it.

Different strokes I guess

iliimaster2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

the save points are a disaster having to do and re do everything when u die and its easy to die in that game idk what ur talkin about and if u have played space marines the bad guys are a total rip off of the orks in space marines which makes it more unplayable for me

ruefrak2382d ago

I think the problem with a lot of the reviews is that they're from people who pounded through the game. So all they could see was the repetitive nature of the game. For me it works great. I play a couple chapters, go play something else, and then come back to it. The game isn't meant to be completed in one sitting.
Great game. I need to stop playing it and try some of the other games I got.

amnalehu2382d ago

We just started playing Knack 2 days ago and I am very dismayed by all the bad reviews it got. The game looks great, plays great and is a lot of fun. After spending some time with Knack I question if some of the reviewers actually played the game at all.

wolfsaviorzx2382d ago

Sonic Lost World is a way better game and got even worse scores. Platformers unless they are Mario are hated on.

WeAreLegion2382d ago

No. Lost World is a broken piece of crap. Generations was wonderful. This one sucks. Hard.

DigitalRaptor2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Not played Lost World but hard to imagine it's better than Knack.

I could be wrong though, since of course, I haven't played it.

Gemmol2382d ago

lost world is better miles better

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