The Best Video Game RPGs Of 2014 And Beyond

[W]hen you start looking at all the incredible games coming out in the next couple years, you begin to realize that there are in fact quite a few great-looking RPGs in the works. Some single-player, some with multi-player elements, and even some pretty neat looking MMOs. Far too many for me to have heard of them all, though I’ve kept my eyes on a fair few.

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desertpunk861780d ago

my picks for 2014

the witcher 3
south park the stick of truth
dragon age inquisition
bravely default
cyberpunk 2077
fable legends
shin megami tensei x fire emblem

NukaCola1780d ago

Child of Light
South Park
Witcher 3
Cyberpunk 2277
Fallout 4....I still believe...

robtion1780d ago

Yes to Witcher 3 and Dragon Age. Very excited for Cyberpunk but it's not a 2014 game, try 2015 if we are lucky.

Master-H1780d ago

Give me Dark Souls II and The Witcher 3 , that is all.

robtion1780d ago

Big yes to FFXV, looking awesome.

robtion1780d ago

Looking forward to the new Mass Effect game(s) also. Seems it might be a fair way along from what I've read, maybe 2014?

DCfan1780d ago

How on earth would you know these games are "The best" without even playing them??

LAWSON721779d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Sure go ahead and say anticipated but come on the best. These games could end up being terrible