RUST is under attack

The game RUST, created by Facepunch Studios. Inspired by games like DayZ, Minecraft and Stalker. Rust aims to create a hostile environment in which emergent gameplay can flourish. Well someone took “hostile environment” a little too far.

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Stevefantisy3258d ago

That's crazy. How good is this game?

ROQFrost3258d ago

For being in Alpha and a little buggy it is very addictive lol. I can't wait to see what they add and improve on.

qzp3258d ago

its really rough even more so than dayz standalone. but it has potential

ThanatosDMC3258d ago

Not that good yet but it's alpha. It could only get better... or worst.

Jacktrauma3258d ago

Can't wait to see more on this as i'm still on the fence about it.

desertpunk863258d ago

this game sucks ill rather play dayz nobody likes a ripoff.

KodevEx3258d ago

Ripoff? Because it has the same style? This is the same thought that stops fps from getting more attention because it's a 'ripoff' of COD.

mediate-this3258d ago

What fps gets less attention?

KodevEx3257d ago

Bioshock, Killzone, Metro Last Light, Resistance, Crysis, Far Cry,
Singularity + more have all been overshadowed by COD. I have even heard terms such as 'ripoff' and 'clone' of COD. Thou some of these did sell good their still called ripoffs never the less.

Fireseed3258d ago

Ripoff would generally imply that it stole from others... when the fact is Facepunch studios is a mod making studio who made the mod "GMod Stranded" (which basically is Rusts first incarnation) back in 2007... which last time I checked was earlier than DayZs release in 2009. But hey it's ok to get your facts mixed up, as long as you didn't make your first observations as a uninformed pretentious dou... Oh...

minimur123258d ago

wait isn't DayZ still in beta? So it was released in 2009 and its still in the beta phase? are the devs even working on it lmao

overrated443258d ago

The games may sound kind of similar but having played both they are very different.

LordDhampire3258d ago

Yeah, honestly its far alpha right now, I'd wait for at least beta, whefe dayz is almost full game quality alpha, thiz game is very rough in build quality

Audiggity3257d ago

Or just invest in the alpha for $10 - $20, check it out from time to time, and then you will own the beta/full version once released.

Always reward those who innovate.

Skip COD Ghosts and invest 1/3rd of that into an innovative new title that may actually cause more than one or two synapse to activate.

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cyguration3258d ago

It's an okay game. It's like Minecraft + DayZ in the strictest sense.

The problem is that it's not as intense as DayZ Alpher and it's not as intuitive as Minecraft. It's more like if Garry's Mod tried to imitate both DayZ and Minecraft and Rust was the result.

It's kind of jangily but there is potential there. Gary just needs to sort of like, well, do a lot. It has a long ways to go. But it was sort of fun when it was a free alpha.

Shadonic3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

its more like minecraft than Day Z though from what I've seen, only thing that's close to Day z would be the zombie stuff and really the mining for resources and finding stuff in buildings could come from either or any other post apocalyptic game before Day Z.

MadLad3258d ago

These damn script kiddies need to find better things to put their skills to than to simply annoy others.

d0nni33258d ago

Rebels without a cause, so they just rebel for the sake of it and well probably a lack of human interaction

Reverent3257d ago

The reason they're called "script kiddies", is because they don't actually have any real skill with "hacking". They use software that locates IP's and takes them off for them, without them having to do any real work.

Saying that their "skills" could be put to better use is incredibly generous.

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