Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter to Include Club Nintendo Coins

Hardcore Gamer: Earlier this week we reported that Pokémon Bank received a last minute delay and the release date was changed to TBD.

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admiralvic3797d ago

Awesome news! Looks like I am one step closer to almost affording that Luigi statue.

ChaosKnight3797d ago

But it costs money doesn't it?

admiralvic3797d ago

$5 per year, but there is a 30 day trial at launch. If this works like every other freebie, it will appear during the trial. Especially since Nintendo can pool experiences and improve the service (assuming they actually do something with the CN data).

Summons753797d ago

Yeah but if you're sweating about 5 bucks a year you probably shouldn't be gaming, or any cloud related service.

Moncole3797d ago

Sony and MS should make their own version of Club Nintendo Coins because they make people buy new games because you can get prizes with them.

admiralvic3797d ago

Club Nintendo is a lot like Online Passes. Sure some games have them and sure they can add / do some neat things, but the average person doesn't care and it doesn't drive sales.

The average gamer knows Nintendo isn't known for lowering MSRP or having sales and CN has a general 1:1 dollar to coin average (at least when the thing first launches, this changes over time, but it is still generally a 1 dollar = 1 coin system). This means that Luigi's Mansion statue requires roughly $1,500 worth of games to obtain. This is more than the average person can budget on Nintendo games and a lot of people find the elite rewards hard enough to obtain. Not to mention, filling out 20 surveys and spending $600 dollars isn't very high on many peoples to do list.

Anyway, with that being said, M$ does Xbox Rewards, which works a lot different and Sony does digital rewards too. I doubt either will adopt a system like Square Enix, which might suck, but I can't stress this enough, the average person doesn't care about CN coins.

GenericNameHere3797d ago

Ohh... I thought it meant instead of BP or Pokémiles, we'd be able to get Club Nintendo coins too. This article seems kinda, well, useless since everything you buy on the eShop already gives you surveys that earns you CN coins.

admiralvic3797d ago

1) Everything you buy from the eShop does not give you a survey. Certain things are excluded and other things are included. Since these are technically services, I could understand thinking they're excluded.
2) Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter are give a 30 day trial at launch. The point of the article is to download them THEN and get the surveys.
3) Nintendo jumps back and forth on what promotions they want to do. For instance, Pokedex 3D was free (I believe it still is) in the base form and gives a survey. The Animal Crossing Wii U app is also free, but doesn't give coins. Wii Fit U Trial Edition is a demo, but it still gives you 10 coins for downloading and Tanks Tanks Tanks use to give a survey in its base Free 2 Play model.

GentlemenRUs3797d ago

Umm, The start of Microtransactions on the 3DS? LOL.

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Shiny Celebi hunting guide before Pokemon Bank closes

Outside of Pokemon Go, Shiny Celebi will become unobtainable when Pokemon Bank closes - until that happens, here's how to get one.

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Pyrofire9566d ago

Now Pokemon Bank is closing? Any service Nintendo makes is a timebomb.

DarkHeroZX65d ago

Its not closing. They literally said bank would remain live

Pyrofire9565d ago

So the title is a lie and the fact that Pokemon Bank being a 3DS app when the 3DS eshop services are shutting down very soon *doesn't* mean it's closing?
It's capacity to be used at all is approaching zero because instead of updating Bank into Home Nintendo is just replacing it with Home and throwing the old one to the dogs; cutting off the legacy, creating more difficulty to carry things over, creating scarcity.

DarkHeroZX63d ago

Nintendo and Pokemon Company already stated that Bank is the only thing that will remain in service.

DarkHeroZX65d ago

Shiny Celebi was available via movie promotion event. Dexoys is the only one you gotta worry about shiny because it can on be shiny in original gen 3 carts. That being said, they arent closing bank down. This was already stated multiple times.


How to get Shiny Deoxys before Pokemon Bank closes

Shiny Deoxys is currently exclusive to Generation 3, which means it'll become unobtainable once Pokemon Bank closes.

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TorpeAlex87d ago

Shiny Deoxys was available in Go raids before, and it will be again. Chill.


Shiny Pokemon that are gone forever when Pokemon Bank closes

Pokemon Bank is presumably closing soon, and several Shiny Pokemon will become completely unobtainable afterward.

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Lord-John-Steele102d ago

It's crazy to think about how much we lose when services shut down

gold_drake102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

yeh, its insane rly.

but also insane that ppl actually pay for it.