Why Is Rosalina in Super Smash Bros. 4?

December’s Nintendo Direct featured a short two-minute clip that both promoted Mario Kart 8 and introduced a newcomer for Super Smash Bros. 4. Said newcomer is Rosalina, Mario’s major ally in Super Mario Galaxy and recurring spin-off character. Rosalina’s integration into various Nintendo games has been unprecedented for a character whose only claim to fame is the supporting role in one of the best games ever made; Rosalina has since appeared in Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D World, and is set to appear in Mario Kart 8. She was also slated-but-nixed to be in Mario Tennis Open, and she is an NPC in Mario Party: Island Tour.

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desertpunk862378d ago

because nintendo cant get their hands on cool characters like Viewtiful Joe and they don't listen to their fans so they fill the gap with nintendo leftovers characters.

Realplaya2378d ago

Actually companies are begging for Nintendo to add there characters to smash. Oh yeah platinum doesn't want viewtiful Joe in smash they want Bayonetta.

super_luigi162378d ago

Smash provides a huuuuuge amount of free advertising for any characters included. Third-parties and second-parties alike would be crazy to pass up a potential Smash slot.

vakarian752378d ago

So far every third party character that has been in smash brothers was put into smash brothers because the creator of those games asked for them to be included in smash brothers and Nintendo said yes.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2378d ago

Sonic and Megaman are fans requested. Snake is not.

vakarian752378d ago

Hideo Kojima wanted snake in melee and Sega wanted Sonic in melee but the game was too far along and they put them in brawl and the same thing happened with Capcom and Mega Man.

admiralvic2378d ago

"Because nintendo cant get their hands on cool characters like Viewtiful Joe"

It's possible they might not be able to get a character they want. Contrary to what Super_Luigi16 says, it is still ultimately a companies choice and they might prefer going another direction and that leads to a no. Also, if Nintendo works the same way as Capcom, then Nintendo needs permission from the people behind the series to use their characters. For instance, the Hunter from Monster Hunter was rejected from Marvel vs Capcom 3 for this reason and The Wander from All-Stars for the same reason. However, this has nothing to do with why Rosalina is in the game.

"They don't listen to their fans so they fill the gap with nintendo leftovers characters."

Believe it or not, Rosalina is a fairly popular character and I think her appearing in SSB is Nintendo trying to increase awareness. In the past couple of months, she has appeared in Super Mario 3D World and was announced for Mario Kart 8 and of course, Super Smash Bros. The great thing about games like this, is that Nintendo can help make a character more popular by simply featuring them on some level. I wouldn't be surprised if this also had to do with Nintendo trying to be "PC" to a degree too. While that sort of thing might not matter in Japan, Nintendo might be trying to increase notable female characters. In a lot of ways I think Rosalina is better than Daisy, since Daisy always felt like a Peach reskin (in a lot of ways), which is similar to how people feel about Wario and Waluigi.

Either or, I'll take more characters (provided they're diverse) to less characters and having her doesn't really hurt the game in any way.

Jagsrock2378d ago

right cause they don't have Sonic and freakin Megaman in the game. Just think about that. Mario, Sonic and megaman in a single game duking it out. That's been a dream for gamers since forever.

oricon2378d ago

i'm waiting for an article that says "why are nintendo making video games"

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_QQ_2378d ago

Who doesn't want Rosalina? I always said no more Mario characters with the exception that i would be fine with Rosalina. She brings a new style to the table and she is a female character.

Hopefully means Galaxy 3 is the making.

-Foxtrot2378d ago

Why would you want Galaxy 3, I'd rather see the Wii U's successor to 64, Sunshine and Galaxy.

Galaxy was on the Wii and we also had a sequel, lets leave it be and move on

Each console Mario game has been different so I wouldn't want them to do a sequel from a Mario game from last gen

KonsoruMasuta2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Mario Galaxy was a good game. That's why they should make a 3rd one.

-Foxtrot2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I didn't say it wasn't a good game, it's just Nintendo's little tradition to create a successor to their last Mario game on their next console.

Something new, something fresh, something we haven't seen before. I mean look at Galaxy...Mario in space, planet like worlds, different ways to look at the was amazing. Wouldn't you want to experience that again

I highly doubt gamers would NOT want to see the Wii U's Mario successor in the future. It's the next big thing...what could it be, where can it go, what new things will it do. Thats the most exciting thing about it.

I mean it's not like people are going "Oh lets make a sequel to Mario 64" or "Oh I want a sequel to Sunshine". No, they look a head and look forward at seeing what else Nintendo will come up with.

N64 - Super Mario 64

Gamecube - Super Mario Sunshine

Wii - Super Mario Galaxy

Wii U - Super Mario...

Sorry but if you disagree your crazy, everyone wants to see their next Mario game just as much as you want to see the next Zelda. People would rather have a new successor then Galaxy 3.

EcoSos32378d ago

So you don't consider Mario 3d World to be the next Mario game now that's crazy. 3d World is the most fun I had with a Mario game since 64 and Sunshine.

_QQ_2378d ago

Because the galaxy games are my favorite Mario titles and like all people i want more of what i like.

DivineAssault 2378d ago

I agree with u on that.. Mario Universe comes to mind.. I would love to see another mario rpg game that has him meeting & joining with N characters to fight some sort of evil..

-Foxtrot2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )


Because Super Mario 3D World is NOT part of those games.

64, Sunshine, Galaxy have all been games we've NEVER seen anything like before they came out while 3D World has been done before as a 3DS game.

3D World is what New Super Mario Bros Wii and Wii U was to the DS game New Super Mario Bros.

With Galaxy you never saw those gameplay features in a handheld game before same goes with Sunshine but 3D World has been done on the 3DS.

The clues are in the title anyway

Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D World

Like DivineAssault has said you'd want something like Super Mario 3D Universe or something...a game which will one up their last game....not be an improved, upgraded version of a 3DS game.

It's not's logic.

Super Mario 3D World is NOT the successor to Galaxy.

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Alex_Boro2378d ago

bayoneta fits perfectly in smash. I wanna see more 3ds gameplay.

kratos172378d ago

I don't get why Nintendo keeps rehashing the roster with the same characters every game with the occasional wild card. There are tons of characters that could be used.

I like that Rosalina was chosen but, how about making at least half of the characters in the game be completely new to the Smash games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2378d ago

same reason why capcom does it, namco does it, and arc system works does it and every others company that have a long running fighting game franchise.

Gemmol2378d ago

lol he just want to complain,

ChickeyCantor2378d ago

I disagree.

Having the standard roster is fine, but not including so many other characters is just stupid. Nintendo has a rich library that goes back way to the NES. Notice that he said Half, not all.
The Smash project was announced almost 2 years ago they probably had enough time anyways.

TuxedoMoon2378d ago


I like Rosalina and I'm glad they're finally adding more females to the smash roster...but I sure that the most requested Nintendo character for smash bros is Krystal from starfox (with staff). People expected her to be the final character in Brawl, but instead we got Wolf...

At least Rosalina isn't a clone character?

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