Was 64-Players Right For Battlefield 4 On Next-gen?

Nerdacy: For a second lets forget the fact that EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) royally screwed up launching Battlefield 4, not only on next-gen platforms Xbox One and PS4, but also on current-gen and PC! I get it. It's tough for developers to adapt to new technology and innovate at the same time, but a finished product should be that, FINISHED.

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DxTrixterz2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Absolutely YES. It makes the game soo much fun with more people in it.

Kingthrash3602379d ago

more like WTF? YES!...just a dumb question..

SITH2379d ago

Severely stupid question. 64 player BF4 is the best thing about Bf4 on consoles.

Mister_Dawg2378d ago

He's worded his question perfectly to get multiple hits.
That's the big problem with gaming news sites. People have forgotten its about the stories and instead are more interested in how many people have clicked onto it.

redknight802379d ago

I LOVE the bonkers stuff that goes on in a 64 player match with vehicles on land/air/sea, but I do get frustrated when I just about kill a single infantry unit; only to have three of his squad mates spawn on him/her and mess my s**t up. Love it still oh so very much!!

Starbucks_Fan2379d ago

YES. It's one of the main reasons I got a PS4 at launch.

I LOVE huge multiplayer battles.

HammadTheBeast2379d ago

One can only hope MAG 2 or Warhawk 2 will make their debut's on PS4.

KwietStorm2379d ago

I couldn't care less for MAG 2, but Warhawk..

Rob Hornecker2379d ago

I bought a PS3 just to play MAG on. I would like to see a port over of the ARMA series to both the XB uno and ps 4.

As far as the 64 ( or was that 66? ) players on the next gen,YES and it works very well! Thank you!

While we are on the subject of port overs to the next gen,what about a new SOCOM,Homefront,Ghost Recon,or Rainbow 6?

Ashby_JC2378d ago

Bf4 with the promise of a higher player count in ALL modes was one of the main reasons I got a launch system.

I loved the bf experience but I always felt that I was not getting a true bf experience in consoles. (24

So..I disagree with the author!!!

RIP_Cell2379d ago

it's good, just don't call it 60fps, it clearly isn't on these 64 player maps

Ju2379d ago

What makes you say that? There's no difference to the other maps.

Mega242379d ago

idk about you but I always get the 60 fps to 55 fps, sometimes it drops when big events like the levolution that drop to the mid 30, or in Hainan Resort when one of the sides of the building drops, it falls to the 10's. But during regular match of the 32v32 going head on for one objective the frames stay steady in the 55 to 60.

CrossingEden2379d ago

Yea I noticed that too, framerate dropped majorly when the levolution thing happened at the resort map. Which was strange because that was a smaller scale levolution compared to the skyscraper falling over.

Necro_5592379d ago

Maybe on your system, not on PS4 or MY PS4

KwietStorm2379d ago

Drops in frame rate happens in PC games too. You do know that, right? Just because BF4 might drop here or there, doesn't mean that it doesn't run at 60 frames. Actually, looking at everything else on the table, you could easily come to the conclusion that the drops are bugs, not stress on the console.

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desertpunk862379d ago

no it wasn't i played it on ps4 and there was lag and crashes all over the place because it was my brothers i had to pretend the ps4 and bf was exiting lol but it was a waste of money.

Necro_5592379d ago

Thats over you moron. The game runs flawlessly now. I bet you have never played it and are just lying.

KwietStorm2379d ago

It most certainly does not run flawlessly right now, but it's much better than at release.

dannphou2379d ago

What if the game had 128 players? lol...

Insomnia_842379d ago

Like M.A.G on PS3? It would be awesome!

Sarcasm2379d ago

MAG was 256 players though wasn't it?

TheUndertaker852379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

@Sarcasm: For Domination. Acquisition was capped at 128 then Sabotage, Suppression, & Interdiction capped at 64. Escalation allowed 96.

Rob Hornecker2379d ago

The bad thing about MAG was that you had to be leveled up pretty high to take advantage of the 64/128 player maps and modes and what made that even harder was the sever lag issue with its game play.

It was a great idea,but it just didn't work for the PS3's lack of computer power,but now of days with the PS4,it could become a BF4 beater.

Ashby_JC2378d ago

I logged a lot of hours in MAG. I would more then welcome a sequel for the ps4.

Graphically it wasn't the best but it was a lot of fun...and that's the bottom line!!

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Insomnia_842379d ago


Yeah that's right! They should bring back MAG to PS4 by 2015.

Ravenor2379d ago

Zipper doesn't exist anymore.

TheUndertaker852379d ago

@Ravenor: So? Zipper doesn't own MAG. Sony does.

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