Rumor: Xbox One Leaking Liquid? Two Issues Reported

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "A couple of users on the Xbox Support forums are complaining about quite an unusual issue with their Xbox Ones. Their Xbox Ones were allegedly leaking a liquid that was leaving a milky-white residue, from inside the console itself."


Update: Cynical Anarchy has provided some pictures of the staining. The article has been updated.

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Kingthrash3603260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

dear god! really?!?
lol from green screen to disc grinding to smokeing to...leaking?!?!? lol xbox is truly all in ONE.
lol i kid, i kid.
but thats just nightmarish if true.
this is something i gotta see to beleive.

ShinMaster3260d ago ShowReplies(5)
gaffyh3260d ago

I think this one is BS honestly. Thermal compound that the console manufacturers use is usually very thick, and grey in colour.

Could it just be condensation from the environment thats gone into the console?

karamsoul3260d ago

That could be a possibility as well.

Mister_Dawg3259d ago


You're right about the compound. Plus very little is used and it would never 'leak'.
Another bullsh!t Sony fanboy article.

ajax173259d ago

Definitely. If my console started leaking a liquid the first thing I would do is take pictures/videos. The fact that there are none proves this is bs.

DEIx15x83259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )


There is one major problem with those pictures. How does liquid drip up? Does the Xbox One now defy gravity and leak? The vents that have the stain are on the top of the console so those are clearly pictures of someone who spilled something on to their Xbox One, and I do not want to know what.

The Xbox One also says in all of it's documentation that the console should only ever be used in a horizontal position so having it vertical would not be a valid reason behind it and still wouldn't make a mark like that.

That console also looks rather filthy in general. It appears to have a lot of spots and sticky areas on the top of it in general which looks like a rather abusive or careless owner.

Nafon3259d ago

I find it hard to believe that the fan sucked the "capacitor leakage" from the motherboard and deposited it on the plastic vent. Im more inclined to believe that he spilled something on it lol

trancefreak3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I wonder why the photos we get on these issues are shot from a cellphone camera from 2001.

I always take quality pics of my electronics when I get them. This is usually to protect me in the event of any said issue. Especially a motherboard with bent socket pins just in case.

I can't say one way or another if this guy has a real issue with his Xbox One or not, but crap photos will not cut it in 2013.

I can say this though that people will make up BS stories when the fault is caused by the end user as well. Perhaps an accidental spill landed inside the device and the fan (dunno the directional flow) kicked it out.

A capacitor electrolyte leak would not even come close to that amount. If it was an HVAC compressor capacitor around 5 μF would be believable but this hell no.

I have never seen electrolysis that bad on a computer component.

I don't own an XBOX ONE but this is highly suspicious.

AndrewLB3259d ago

Funny how this "fluid" seems to defy gravity and somehow make its way up, through the fan, and then settle on the top of the Xbone. Even if the fan was powerful enough to create the lift necessary to do such a thing, it would be flung horizontally from the central fan motor.

Btw... there are no "wet" capacitors under that location, only solid caps. It also couldn't be thermal compound because heat dries compounds out, plus you'd need a TON of the anti-gravity type.

Lastly, someone said it's liquid from the APU heatsink's heatpipes. While it's true those heatpipes are filled with a liquid, it's only a liquid while under pressure in the enclosed pipe. Once you rupture a heat pipe, the fluid becomes a gas and disappears.

nukeitall3259d ago

More bad "journalism" (if you can even call it that) from spawnfirst.

This is highly suspicious with low resolution pictures, the fact that nobody else reported it, and the fact that the image leakage makes no sense coming out the top when gravity pulls down!

GameSpawn3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I don't know about the legitimacy of this issue, but I can speak about exploding capacitors from my experience.

Capacitors CAN explode. Hell I was in the room when I witnessed one go in my power supply in my now ancient desktop. There was a nice loud POP, a flash of light from the power supply, a god awful sickening smell, and obviously a sudden powering down of my computer. I took apart the power supply to see just how bad it was and one of the larger main caps in the power supply popped its "cap" and spewed "ooze" straight out the top into the casing of the power supply -- the "ooze" is the insulating fluid they fill capacitors with that rests between two conductors to make a capacitor actually work -- ain't physics fun.

BTW, this is similar to what blew in my old power supply (big guy, huh?):

In computer repair I've also seen MANY a computer (laptops and desktops) come in with blown caps -- from motherboards, to graphics cards, and power supplies. I know the symptoms and the smells.

That said -- to anyone with an Xbox One or really any electronics device that uses sizable capacitors, if you smell something that makes you a little sick to your stomach and your device is acting odd or shuts off after short times of use, you probably have had a capacitor go. Capacitors are mainly used to regulate power flow and act as temporary "batteries" in electronics so power issues usually coincide with capacitor problems.

P0werVR3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

As the article has stated, the fact of the matter that this issue is rare simply because it's easy to take pics of these issues and post em' online or through youtube. IF it was as prevalent. With few of these articles the past month I'm always on edge about my console and checking in with family and friends if there's has had any issues. So far fortunately no one has had issues that I know of. Which questions these rare issues that happen.

stellarock4203259d ago

sounds like it could be battery acid but i don't think that could be being that the only battery would be the bios like you find in common pc's

Deeke3259d ago

Yeah Thermal Compound seems the most likely culprit in this case....

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Funantic13260d ago

2 out of 2.5 million consoles ain't bad at all.

ZombieKiller3260d ago

Haha yeah not bad until it leaks all over your PS4....

LKHGFDSA3259d ago

I imagine most people wouldn't report it online.

lolCHILLbro3260d ago

Me and my 5 friends all have Xbox Ones, not 1 issue we had, sorry to inform everyone but the hardware is pretty good so far

ZombieKiller3260d ago

Then why are you sorry to inform everyone?

That's a good thing right?

AceBlazer133260d ago

Didn't know you and your friend were the world.Someone call NASA.

Not saying the hardware isn't good, but don't just dismiss issues cause they don't affect you.

The issues with the xbone may not be widespread but they sure do vary. Each one is like a mystery box.

Kingthrash3603260d ago

well effing said *tips hat

Magicite3260d ago

No, its crap. There, I have said it.

creatchee3260d ago


"Not saying the hardware isn't good, but don't just dismiss issues cause they don't affect you.

Here's what you said in a PS4 hardware issues thread.

"you take the number of ppl complaining about failed ps4s to the ones saying it's working fine you sure as hell won't come to 40%. so put that figure back up your ass, where it came from. #1.1.4

42d ago by AceBlazer13 | View comment"

Ohhhhhhhhhh the hypocrisy

calis3260d ago

lol, how far did you have to troll his comments to make that desperately loose connection.

One is talking about dismissing the issue, the other is dismissing the percentage.

SLUG3260d ago

my xbox one is doing very good it has no problems

lifeisgamesok3259d ago

Yeah I bet most of these issues are from people that don't even own One

The only issue I had was the Blu-Ray audio synching and that has only happened once

karamsoul3259d ago

Yeah, my Xbox One has been flawless as well, ever since I purchased it at launch. But please don't downplay issues that other Xbox One owners might be having.

AndrewLB3259d ago Show
awi59513259d ago


Its a bigger sample that this article has so its more important.

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Magicite3260d ago

RROD will be a dream compared to what this marvel might show us in time.

mrpsychoticstalker3260d ago

So this is news? Lol, sony fanboys should just get a new game and play instead of dig and write this kind of articles.

This is hilarious!

Better yet, get an xbox one .... they have a vast variety of games to play.

Whymii3259d ago

Vast? I agree with you, but we obviously have different definitions of vast.


How would this not be news? There are consoles leaking for crying out loud. I agree to the "let's not bllow this out of proportion" stance, but seriously, if you think it's not news worth when something like that happens than you are the kind of guy that wouldn't care about a particular plane crash because all the other planes are flying just right.

AndrewLB3259d ago

Bishop- Please explain what fluid is present inside the Xbox one that defies gravity?

Hint: There are no "wet" caps below that location on the motherboard, and the fluid in the heatsink's heat-pipes immediately turns into gas when the pipe is ruptured because it's only a liquid due to high pressure. That only leaves thermal compound... which in my 25 years of building computers, never once have I seen thermal compound of any type run around the sides of the heatsink, up through the fins, then magically float through the spinning fan blades, to then stop floating and stay on the top of the box.

Even a 260cfm Delta fan, the type that will fly across the table if not secured, would never have the power to lift thermal compound that far.

This whole thing is BS. Made up by trolls or some kid trying to make a good excuse to avoid admitting his cat took a pi$$ on his xbone.



You mean beyond capacitors oils (i.e. isoquinoline compounds, which is compatible with "smoking" consoles making popping sounds, that's typical with a capacitor blowing up, you usually end up with that shit condensing everywhere as it's "liquid" at 28ºC) that could had been vaporized and condensed there as it's garthered by the giant air intake on top, or that could simply go up through capilarity (you know, the same way trees get water to defy gravity and go from the roots to the leafs without moving at all) or, even better, some idiot could have the system on vertical despite being warned to use it horizontally and it simply leaked, got to the fan and get slowly spilled there... Who the hell knows. I'm not even saying this is true. But guess what? When the first RROD or YLOD articles appeared they were also discredited and those are problems that became overwhelming throughout the years.

If we simply dismiss every problem claim, we would have no problem claims at all and things would never get fixed. That's exactly what I was saying with "let's not blow stuff out of proportion", this is the kind of thing that needs investigation, not automatic panic nor automatic dismissal.

It could be an important clue about what can be going wrong there. It's good for MS people report this stuff, they can discover if they have something simple like a bad batch of capacitors (which mean they can identify a falty lot to resolve the issue) or a bigger design/power fault that may require a better warrant plan to avoid legal headaches and to know how to implement a future fix. It even can be a good indicative if the system is simply too vulnerable to power surges, which can be easily prevented by owners themselves with UPS or surge protection...

But you know what? Yeah, let's pretend this kind of crap is impossible and trow out stupid comments about gravity that have nothing to do with it and only show you completelly lack of understand on what you're talking about... I really hope your console breaks down out of warrant and no one gives a flying f*ck (been there and it sucks).


Also, 25 years building PC and you don't realize what a true solid capacitor is to notice Xbox One (as most consumer electronics) have none of those.

Juangie33259d ago

Why does it always have to be Sony Fan boys that attack Microsoft? Did it ever occur to anyone that a person that purchased an xbox one (or a PS4) could be dissatisfied with it because of something happening to it?

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rambi803260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Reduced to tears already? JK!

solid_snake36563259d ago

"A milky white residue" could it be that when you bring the Xbone near the ps4 it has a orgasm.

Concertoine3259d ago

woah man, put that solid snake of yours down

Evilsnuggle3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Again in m$ l has a faulty game console . The RROD was the 360 Achilles heel. IM personally Now my 3 x360 .The x1 is having its own defects. This is New leaking milky liquid. But there's numerous reports of malfunction. a report came out that 10 percent of X1 are faulty That's 200000 Faulty x1. Like that wasn't bad enough m$ is replacing brand new game consoles with a used refurbished ones. It's obviously as before m$ cares nothing for its customers

shorty74a3259d ago

Where did you get 10% of XBone'S are faulty? From Spawnfirst website? If that was the case, then it would be on every gaming website. I have actually have an Xbox One and it does not leak white fluid. It does not make airplane noises when playing a disc. It has not spewed Grey smoke ever. Voice commands work amazingly well. RYSE looks next gen. The controller fits like a dream in your hands. You Sony Fan boys like yourself should cut out the middleman and go directly to Spawnfirst to feed your appetite for negative MS stories and hardware disasters.

Linwelin3259d ago

If you have bought 3 x 360's after them failing from the same thing, then that's your own damm fault lol what's that old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, but you went and done it again hahaha

kayoss3259d ago

Power of the cloud is now starting to rain.

otherZinc3259d ago

LMAO! SONY fans will you stfu with this stupid sh*t!

Kingthrash3603259d ago

oh, no are up...smh

kayoss3259d ago

I honestly think he accidentally spilled something on the Xbox one. Now he's trying spin it so his warranty covers it.

Buff10443259d ago

Agreed....these stories are ridiculous.

dale_denton3259d ago

the power of the cloudz must be raining or on it's period

Bhuahahaha3259d ago

Their Xbox Ones were allegedly leaking a liquid that was leaving a milky-white residue...

hmm let me ask those guys. 'do u watch porn in front of your xbone?'

Automatic793259d ago

I have had this system for a month and some days. Never had these issues this article is flame bait. For those interested just finished RYSE and DeadRising awesome games. Go out and pick up xboxone if you don't have the system is awesome.

neogeo3259d ago

It's da wader fromz the powerz of de clouuuuudzzzzz

JackISbacK3259d ago ShowReplies(1)
daboosa3259d ago

Lets face it reliabilty was never microsofts strong point!

Mosiac773259d ago

I didn't know liquid would rise like that. It sounds to me like they need to fix the ceiling or stop putting their drinks on top of the console.

ovnipc3259d ago

Some one drop cola in top of it. Stop looking for any stupid reason to trash the xbox. Maybe heat of the system with cold temp jn a room. Xone kicks ass loving it.

Docknoss3259d ago

Two cases just two! It's probably just some kid who spilt coke. This site blows with trolls

94jdh943259d ago

This must be that "secret sauce" everyone was talking about!

3259d ago
kenshiro1003259d ago

Wow...just wow.
Just when I thought I heard everything...

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s8anicslayer3260d ago

It had a "Gamegasim" once it saw how beautiful the PS4 is in person.

Ron_Danger3260d ago

You were warned not to install the PornHub app...

ziggurcat3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Weird. Are there pictures of this milky liquid?

Edit: it can't possibly be the thermal compound because it's a thick paste...

karamsoul3260d ago

Nope. Kinda fishy, actually. Rumor material unless any photographic evidence posted

karamsoul3260d ago

Could be thermal compound if it's sub-standard.

NeoTribe3259d ago

Yes, somebody posted two pictures in the comments above.

OverPaperSkies3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Thermal compound doesn't leak in the sense of how water does. It's very thick and dense. You would need to apply an insane amount to the Cpu to even be able too see it. That's after not fitting the heatsink right so it's able to heat up enough to escape. Lmao.

It's very rare it happens on ATX motherboards with common cpus and even then, 95% of companys these days use non conductive compound so if it does run on to the pcb it doesn't cause damage.

Seems like more FUD from the Sony crowd.

To the disagrees. Prove me wrong about thermal compound. I've built more Pc's than you've had hot dinners.

3260d ago
ZombieKiller3260d ago

...and I've had more hot dinner's than you have bubbles. Does that mean I win this argument?

Xsilver3260d ago

"it seems that it (Could Be) the thermal compound leaking out"
your acting like they said it was a thermal compound leak when clearly they didn't it was just an assumption so calm down before you pop a blood vessel.

Belking3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

From inside the console, huh."lol

"As always, take these reports with a grain of salt, especially when there’s a lack of evidence."

We all know why these so called reports exist.