Copy protection, does it do any good?

PC Gaming is not dead. You look at figures such as the charts and don't see many PC Games as the studios are giving up. It's time to adapt and change. Piracy is bad for game studios, but it has always existed. Games on PC have a much longer lifespan than on the consoles. Starcraft is still selling well as is the original Half-Life. It's time to show your strength for PC Gaming, not hide behind the excuse of piracy.

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LastDance3907d ago

i play lots of pc games that have little to no online component. so i guess theyre screwed with daniels logic.

fmjpower3907d ago

nice read.....all the pirating in the world cant create a valid unique serial number for online play.

Lumbo3907d ago

copy protection never worked, and never will. Even companies that earn $10000 per copy sold like alias wavefront (MAYA) and used hardware dongles to prevent piracy failed to achieve that goal.

There is NO way to prevent piracy as long as you put the software in the users hand.

Only way to prevent piracy is to move the complete game online like mmorpg and charge a monthly fee. And even then people come up with emulated gameservers where you can play for free ...

I like Epic's approach to copy protection .. they put on a state-of-the-art one on release and completely disable it with the first patch (except for the serial for online play). So after the first patch you do not need the disk in the drive to play anymore.