Potential Of The Xbox One Is “Uncapped”, According To Microsoft

The Xbox brand had a rocky 2013, to say the least. The console’s mixed reception still has a lot of people confused about the device, but Microsoft is confident that the future is bright for the Xbox One. While the company is proud of the launch games for the Xbox One, according to Phil Harrison, the best is yet to come.

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Docknoss2378d ago

Looking forward to the future of xbox gaming

jackanderson19852378d ago

of course the best is yet to come... i hope it applies to all 3 of the current gen consoles cuz if this is it then it's going to be a long long gen

TheBurger292378d ago

please be a short gen. last gen was wayyyyy to long for me.

fattyuk2378d ago

It is capped.

at 900p 30fps

Belking2378d ago

And still have better games without having to borrow to finance them.

MegaRay2378d ago Show
True_Samurai2378d ago

And some how showing more interesting games than ps4

MorePowerOfGreen2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

And graphically superior still. Nothing on PS4 matches the best on XB1.

DoesUs2377d ago

I think you are worse than Misterxmedia! You are completely of your rocker. Ryse? 900p? Frame drops into the teens? Roger that!

pyramidshead2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

It can do 1080p but with severe concessions(See Forza 5's reveal then look at the final game as an example). You can thank the inclusion of Kinect and the focus on an all round multimedia device for that.

Let's hope it can keep up when using GPU compute becomes commonplace.

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omegaheat2378d ago

Wasn't this article just copied and pasted from the one that was posted earlier. I don't want to hear about great things coming. I definitely believe that Microsoft was lacking of exclusives over the past few years because maybe they were pouring all of the resources into developing new studios and ips. They've probably been listening to all of the complaints about the lack of first party titles. I can't recall many good first party titles other than Halo 4 and Forza over the last few years. I'm still hoping for a good Fable game that last more than 25 hours. I'm still waiting for a real sequel to Alan Wake. A proper Banjo and Kazooie or Conker. Or Rare to be used properly.

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