PSM3: LittleBigPlanet Hands-On

In PSM3's most recent hands-on with LBP, they were busy creating a mock wedding, merrily slapping wheels and bunny ears onto an EyeToy photo of ourselves before rolling it down a hill to a chapel, where it will 'marry' a photo of a fellow journo, decorated with shells and vampire fangs.

But that doesn't explain what LBP actually is - it defies pigeonholing.

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Cartesian3D3816d ago

one of the reasons to have a PS3..

solar3816d ago

wow...the PS Eye will soon be in my library of games. imagine the possibilities creating your own levels with it. awesomeness!

SeanScythe3816d ago

Anyone else have plans to make the first level from super mario bros? I'm thinking about it now, can't wait to put it to the test.

criticalzero3816d ago

I see no reason why this game should not be a Game of The Year contender....

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