How My Wife Ruined GTA IV

We usually don't write many personal pieces here on TEB, but I just have to share the story of my wife playing GTA IV for the first time. After watching me play for hours, I wondered if my wife wanted a turn. She was sitting on the couch next to me, so I extended the controller to her and asked, "You wanna drive around for a bit?" She replied, "Sure, why not." During her time in Liberty City, my wife somehow figured out how to suck all of the fun out of GTA IV and managed ruin one of the best games of all time.


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SWORDF1SH3912d ago

"She handed the controller back to me, and I immediately began plugging pedestrians with my shotgun because I was full of pent up GTA rage from watching that lame-ass traffic law game."

That line was funny as fcuk.

Nevers3912d ago

I have no words... that was funny $h!t.

PoSTedUP3912d ago

the ending was funny, im not going to lie.

Tony240ZT3912d ago

Oh, man should have called 911 and asked for the ambulance to pick up the elderly woman.

That was too much man, my gf is nothing like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.